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My real name is Jimbo but i go by Bubba cos its more dignified. I just beat up my cousin for saying racisms. I’m so proud. I did a good thing.

You did.... But violence is not the answer

If you want to talk to me so bad, let's talk... here and now. You can even stay anonymous. This is me reaching out.

I know don't know if you want me to burden you with my feelings. It might make you sad

I said we’ll lose and you said we’ll do that together too. And guess what, we lost. And you weren’t there. I have nothing for you, no options, no coordinates, no strategies, zero. Nada. No trust, liar.

Me right now

Maybe u should date each other since you love to hang out so much

I know right. See if they are meant to be. Which, they aren't


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