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Feeling like a failure

Only because you are looking at failed attempts as failed attempts and not learning experiences. Failure is the best teacher. Pick yourself up.

If you want to talk to me so bad, let's talk... here and now. You can even stay anonymous. This is me reaching out.

Reach somewhere else

Is it wrong for me to serve the Lord at home watching the broadcast paying my tithes listen to the pastor preach and teach and read my Bible in my room morning time and evening time and night time meditate in the words and not going to church

Yes it's wrong, Santa watches you and is going to tell on you.

Im a nice person and kind person. But if I see an ugly person, I tell them r ugly. Am I still a nice and kind person?

No, rude ass. That makes you even uglier

If your a guest in someone's house do you head over to the thermostat and set it to 90 degrees?

Also take the chain off the tank in the bathroom


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