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Would you date someone from this platform?

I have never and hopefully will never have to use an online site to find a partner

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Does it bother you when someone you are hanging out with is constantly on their phone?

no but i mean i can play on my phone in the comfort of my own home so just means visits cut short

How many tattoos do you have or want to get?

0 and don’t really wanna get any. I have ideas for some but never go through with getting them

Would you trust and forgive a cheater who cheated and they know you they cheated but tired to blame you for cheating when you wasn’t?

That’s called projection and no. Leave.

how come you have that many posts with so little likes? do you know ratio?

I like to forget about this app for months then go through all the questions at once. 🥱. I do this as a pastime because I’m bored, not for likes.

Can you recover from any addiction?

Depends on if you want to. Addicts can’t heal if they really don’t want to.

How can people hurt others and think nothing of it?

It’s a human trait. Everyone does it whether they know it or not.

Has anyone ever made a fake social media account of you?

Not that i am aware of but they couldn’t anyways bc I don’t take photos often anyways.

Is it okay to talk to other girls when you are in a relationship ? Tell them that you miss them or saying sending heart emojis


Do you feel like people are talking directly to you when the anonymous questions are asked?

No I only answer certain anonymous questions bc most are clearly directed at one person.

how do you make a guy regret breaking your heart

You can’t. Stop focusing on him and work on you. Maybe when he sees you thrive without him he will regret it but there’s no guarantee. Don’t worry about it. The sooner you focus on yourself and not him the sooner you feel better and realize you don’t need his regret or apology to be happy.
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Ladies do looks matter in a man how important are they to you when it comes to dating that guy?

Yes. Physical attraction is usually very important in a relationship. It sounds shallow but it’s the truth. You don’t have to be the most handsome person ever, everyone has their own preferences, but I don’t personally see any relationship thriving without mutual attraction.
Unless you’re like mega rich…some chicks (and men) would probably sleep with a literal pig if they were set for life. 😂.

What do you do when you’ve lost all contact info from someone and need to speak to them again

Try and find someone mutual who can get me back in touch. Or Facebook. Most people have Facebook.

Would you go to a haunted house where you need to sign a waiver ?

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Nope because those usually allow more physical contact/abuse than I am comfortable with in haunted houses. The most infamous waiver-having haunted house has been known to hit people, suffocate them, shave peoples hair, make them eat vomit and shove them in freezers.
I’m happy with jump scares and light-tap spooks.

So who or what would u turn ppl into then? lol

I don’t have enemies (that I am aware of) so the only use I’d have for that really is if my friends came to me and was all like “hey man I wanna fly today, make me a bird.” 😂.
Make some money charging people to transform them back and forth.

I’m not arguing with nobody with a $300 credit limit 😇😌

You’d have to have horrible credit for a $300 cap. Jfc

artificial tiger meat zebra meat elephant meat lion meat jackal meat will be produced, but my question is, what if human meat is also produced?

Artificial meat is just artificial meat. I doubt there’s actually a difference between “zebra” and “tiger” artificial meat. Just eat real meat and leave humans out if it lol. 🤷🏼‍♀️.


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