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Would you please not ignore me? Okay fine..if you don't wanna talk I won't force you.. but I just wanted to say.. I miss you.. alot.. more than you think... I'm sorrryy.. *Forever Bugiieebooo* take care of youself... (:

Hein? Wrong window sister!

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This is my first account on askfm which I created 5 years back. And @bingb that's my second account which I also created 5 years back. But due to some reason I didn't use this account for a long time. Now I'm back😄❤

Do we know each other?
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Kya he yeh miyan... ?? Ladke bhi Marne lage aap pe tho AB .. Apunkotho ek ladki bhi nai dekhti.. any tips???😂😂😂

kya hai ki bhai! apkich nazar hai woh jisku itna sab dikhra!
khair woh sab chodo 8 din me eid h dua ki guzarish! :D


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