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Why do people in a relationship use this? Are you that bored of your partner?

Some ppl just like to help others by answering questions the best they can..this isn't a dating site I don't believe so it's not considered cheating as long as your partner cool with it and y'all have that inseparable bond then nothing else even matters

You still keeping tabs on me? Why? Why watch me If you don't like me?

Cause they being nosey just delete they ass or block em..will save you from Wondering why they are so fuckin fake

Can I ask you a question You're a woman and I'm looking for a woman's perspective from this no disrespect or nothing like that I don't know you you don't know me I just randomly picked you to ask a personal question about something I'm going through with a woman

I answered it

Is she ignoring my text? I asked a friend if they would be interested in joining me and our friends to see a movie. I didn’t get a response, but it delivered. She didn’t respond, but responds in a different group chat of ours about something else. She views my stories and is the first one to.

Yea she is ignoring you and treating you as an option being nosey just delete her so she can't view shit and see if eventually she will respond to you if not then so be it..too many other ppl out here that will see your worth

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People treat u exactly how they feel about u. Be blind if you want to. 🎯

Right and I been blind but now it's time I open my muthafuckin eyes n realize shit was never real n stop my shit

Why do some people claim they miss you but don’t hit you up when they have the chance to?

Cause they just talking cause they got lips so say things that don't mean shit

When do you give up on helping someone who you truly care?

Cause you start to realize it's weighing you down tryna hold them up so with all that weight you realize it's time to let go that someone who ain't tryna help themselves

What is the worst feeling?

Having schizophrenia and being in love with someone who thinks you are just a delusional dumb ass


You talking to ya damn self cause nobody even knows who TF u are...so how TF you sound rn

Are you up at night thinking about people who’ve done you wrong in the past? For some reason my brain chooses to focus on the negative experiences I’ve had with others in the past rather than the rare positive ones.

Yea same here I dislike it so much smh

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