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tokyo or new york?

Toko it’s so much more advanced technology East Asian country’s are 20 years ahead of there fat lazy American counterparts

Boxing or ufc?

If we’re talking females I like ufc for the males athletes I choose boxing ,in ufc there’s a very fine line between mma and mmgay

What if you met someone that was rich and you thought they were poor would you judge them differently before you new?

That reminds of a story my father told me there was a successful stock broker who’s wife had died he got very depressed and quit his job and moved into a one bedroom apartment he would go to the same diner everyday and buy 3 Orders of their cheapest item eggs and bacon everyday when he went there he was greeted by a friendly waitress she was nice to him regardless of his homeless appearance and when he died to her surprise he left her 6mil the moral is never judge a book by its cover

Should i dump my broke partner for someone rich? I have no job currently. I want to be spoiled and I don’t want to work. My partner doesn’t make me work but they’re not rich so i’m not super spoiled how I want to be. I’m very physically attractive and i’m young.

Fuck him chase the bag

Trump or Biden?

If your rich vote Biden he’s creating great buying opportunity’s and and if your poor you have to vote democrat for the handouts and if you middle class put trump on your ballot because Biden only benefits the richest and the poorest voters leaving the middle class in the middle class who gets all the tax breaks,the 2 groups Biden loves most now I rest my case

Do you enjoy making people want you?

Yes but they are all anonymous profiles and I’m left as lonely as I’ve always been

Do you believe in karma? ❤️‍

bombshelljessy_’s Profile Photobombshelljessy
I believe every action you decide to make has a probity of a good or bad reaction. for example if you smoke cigarettes long enough you’ll get lung cancer also if you invest in bitcoin you’ll probably end up with fuck you money if you can’t decide if karma is in your favor look up other peoples experiences in the activitie that your considering pursuing
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Are you a morning or night person🙃

I sleep all through day In my smoked filled temple
And creep all through the night


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