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Last time u got spanked by parents? I was 19

If your a girl understandable if your a guy why haven’t you transitioned yet


Hey what are your plans for thanksgiving maybe I can stuff your turkey if not I will settle for eating your gobler

if you had the opportunity to live in Canada, would you settle in Canada

No to cold I’ve been living in the cold my whole life by next destination is somewhere warm

You scare me because I'm loyal until I look at you... ugh I want you so bad even if it's one night. Would you be down ?

Possibly dm me we’ll talk

Why is people such assholes when someone has depression? Do you know those words you say affect so much that can be a decision between life or death 💀

That’s why isolate my self until I get better

My fault I fell in love, yes I was definitely feeling you. Atleast you were different from the rest, you caught my attention!🤤😮‍💨 But you just ain’t meant for me. Thanks for the experience

Who are you

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