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What size cup do you prefer on women?

I like all cup sizes it doesn’t matter how big your small your breast are to me it’s who they are attached too that matters. being frank I would rather touch natural b cups over silicone dd’s

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What's ur fav music genre?

xCubensisx’s Profile PhotoxCubensisx
70’s Rock and roll but i enjoy listening to every type of music except country and pop or any song that’s trending on tik Tok

Do girls like sensitive guys?

I don’t think they want a man that will cry when they see a puppy they also don’t want a man who laughs over a casket ideally he should be some where in the middle like John Wayne he is straight forward and assertive and respectful and loving to their women when they see her. real men are a dying breed in my generation of low testosterone effeminate men
Just ask polo g he knows dying breed but we’re still mentioning

What would you do when approached by your celebrity crush?!?

hillaryforever242’s Profile PhotoLovvee Endures Wallace
Complaint them on there work and ask for a picture with them. ask them out for dinner the worst case they are flattered and best case you get to have a date with someone that you thought you’d only you’d never see outside of your tv

Did you like school growing up?

princessxbunnii_’s Profile PhotoBb Bunni
It was boring we had to go to school for 8 hours then they expect us to do homework for 2-4 more on top of that leaving the student with no free time to develop their own interests it’s a system designed to produce corporate robot paycheck junkies thats also why we aren’t taught a financial education in school if everyone had financial freedom than their wouldn’t be any soulless worker bees that line the monopoly business owners pockets
And most importantly Uncle Sam’s
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Are people only interested in having sex and moving on these days? Is no one real anymore? If there are still real people in the world who don't just wanna use you, where are they?

8 feet under ground
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Do you like younger or older than you, partner?

Older women who have more life experiences that they can teach me I am still a student and have a lot more to learn


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