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The whole thing was a lie. I don’t you anymore and I don’t ever want to see you again. I really mean that this time. I’m really letting go, and you should too this time around.


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Am I worthless?

Dress in a slutly outfit and stick your thumb out in a city street and you’ll find out soon enough

Do you prefer earbuds or over the ear headphones?

Standing up I prefer the over ear if I’m laying down I’ll go for my AirPods

Can u tell these clowns 🤡 on here to stop clowning on here!!!!

Get back in your Kia you fucking clowns did this help

What are you looking to buy for Black Friday?

Christmas scented candle to go along with my dean Martin and Elvis Christmas songs you should the combo it can put the Christmas sprit in the stoogies of stooges

If someone really love you they would make an effort right?

Not always they could have fearful avoidant attachment style like myself

Do you play fantasy football?

No, I use to bet on sports I was quite successful then I lost my physic powers and money money followed

Do you have Twitter

Not the app but I own the stock what ever Elon musk invests in I do, and you should too if you want your money sore to mars like space x


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