Did you like school growing up?

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It was boring we had to go to school for 8 hours then they expect us to do homework for 2-4 more on top of that leaving the student with no free time to develop their own interests it’s a system designed to produce corporate robot paycheck junkies thats also why we aren’t taught a financial education in school if everyone had financial freedom than their wouldn’t be any soulless worker bees that line the monopoly business owners pockets
And most importantly Uncle Sam’s
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Did you like school growing up?

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I really didn’t enjoy school at all, growing up, to be honest. I was an extremely quiet kid, who had almost no friends, and got bullied for many years. And the “friends” I did make as I got older, weren’t really there for me at all, and some even made it where I was bullied more. 😅
I would say high school was the first time I actually enjoyed school, to some level! There were still many challenges, but I certainly came out of my shell more and made some very dear friends, which helped me out so much!
And college was by far, my favorite school experience! I loved it so much and truly didn’t wanna leave. It was the first time I felt kind of “at home” and was able to embrace who I was to the fullest. 😌
Did you like school growing up

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