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Apa benda paling gila korang pernah buat? 🤔

Pergi cameron highland dengan kawan kawan pukul 2 pagi, without parents permission.

Give me a word!

I pray one day u find someone who loves u so much u forget how it feels to hurt. I pray they kiss u every night and I pray u wake up warm with their arms around u. I pray that person loves every fiber of u and enjoys every moment they have with u. Most of all, I pray u let them.
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Selalunya rasa lonely sangat bila tengok kawan ada partner, memang la orang kata focus on your life first, pursue your dreams and get what u want but tipulah kan tak pernah rasa lonely


Pelik ke bagi korang kalau aku ada ex 2 je? Certain people find it funny lol

Tak pelik. bg i thats fine, and it shows what kind of person u are in a relationships.
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Macam mana nak tegur orang yang tak bangun pagi untuk solat subuh? Aku tak reti la.

Kejut la dia pagi pagi,tp klau dia refuse tak nak bangun cuba mengaji kuat kuat..biar dia sedarkan diri tu

aku sorang je ke yang tak pernah bercinta seumur hidup?

No worries, ada je lagi orang lain. its not like they dont want to, but dorang lebih fikirkan future.

What makes Despacito the most streamed song?

Maybe because of the beats.. it makes people wanna dance when they hear that song.

What is life like on other planets?

I bet it must be awesome to be at the other planet that we can live just like earth.


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