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Do you have a Driving license? If yes, how long did it take you to get one?

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" "Licence vs. License—Spelling Rules
License is both a noun and a verb in the United States.
If you live in any other English-speaking country, you will spell it licence when you use it as a noun and license when you use it as a verb." "
(above purely for information! - as well as respecting the English language [which americanes are hell-bent in destroying] it is useful in differentiating between noun and verb!)
Everyone in UK has a driving licence, at least 'provisional'
Unless they are delinquent !
(LOL ~ there are other circumstances for lacking!)
Even my Viki, who is Russian , has a UK driving licence !
Takes about 2 minutes to apply ~ a little longer if you're not a Brit ; about 2 weeks to arrive in the post.
Passing your test is an entirely different matter.
If you have a good mentor & are switched on ; a parent or similar can teach you the basics; clutch-control etc. (only american'ts & idiots drive 'automatics')
Then around 6 professional lessons (you can pass your theory while doing these) then pass your test, but need to apply for your test well in advance, because UK gov. are baffoons & 'slow' - like most.
If you pass your test in an 'automatic' (transmission) ~ your licence won't permit you to drive a proper car !
My latest BMW , although 'manual' (transmission) has too much auto stuff on it ~ such as no handbrake as such . . . . it is driving me nuts ; takes all the pleasure out of driving . . .
In UK , a driving licence is essential, unless you want to carry your passport everywhere . You see , in BRIT-land , it is a human right not to have to carry I.D. ~ so , if you LOOK under 25 , you need either a driving licence or passport if you have to prove you're over 18 ! (for adult indulgences!) . Though you can get a licence @ 16 , but not drive a car until you are 17 . . . .
{in yanky-land it's so different ~ babies are born wearing cars , as a translucent membrane , it hardens into a car at age 5, when they are allowed to drive without learning anything other than walk in a straight-ish line to entertain cops when asked}

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Do you have a Driving license If yes how long did it take you to get one

Hi Jimmy, how are you? tell me if you communicate with English-speaking users, and tell us what kind of communication was the longest? and with what user if not a secret?

lkein’s Profile PhotoLen Kein
Yes, of course, I talked to them. It probably lasted about three weeks or more. But suddenly something went wrong and we stopped talking. We had a very nice conversation 😊
That's @LunarHuntress
Now I almost do not communicate with English-speaking users.

what are u doing on 24th dec? In non english-speaking countries pepole stop working at noon and the rest of the day is strictly devoted to the family. In the evening they give christams presents to each other followed by a festive dinner. U?

That's nice. I will be bringing daughter to see daddy and doing any last minute cleaning before my sister gets here in the evening 😊 I know in Russia and Estonia that is the custom. We don't have a celebration till Xmas day 😊

if you are bilingual/multilingual, what language are your inner thoughts? is it easier for you to think in your first language or second (or third) language? 🤔💭

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Romanian – my first language. We speak Romanian at home and with most relatives. I spent my first grade in a Romanian school. So I know how to read and write, but I`m not really familiar with grammar and most rules. The language that I used is too distant from the cultural Romanian. When I try to write something more culturally it feels so weird and unnatural that I try to avoid it by any means. But I pray only in Romanian.
Ukrainian – the official language in my country. The language that is used in school and university. Language for official documents, studying, writing essays, etc. The language that at first was hard for me to perceive and speak correctly. But I use it in my everyday communication the most.
Russian – language of my childhood TV, songs, most books that I`ve read. Most of the answers here are in Russian, my few poems also. It feels easier to write my thoughts in Russian, more lyrical. But I don`t really talk in Russian. It`s funny how sometimes a person talks to me in Russian but I respond in Ukrainian.
English – I get closer to it step by step. It took me, I guess, some 8-9 years to get where I`m now. School lessons felt too compulsory and not funny. But when I discovered it could be the other way – songs, movies, books, memes, English-speaking friends, it feels easier, without outside pressure, but from my inner desire.
And speaking about my inner thoughts – it`s some mix of these languages. Not at one time. But it changes. It depends on many factors – where I am, with whom, what I`m thinking, what I`m doing, what`s the purpose of my thinking if there is one.

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if you are bilingualmultilingual what language are your inner thoughts is it

Hey there! I have made a new Discord server. Feel free to join! We talk about life, play video games together, we have a cinema with a weekly movie and show night and more! https://discord.gg/JqyTdxT

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Hello! Sorry, I have to refuse ... My English is at a completely inadequate level to join the English-speaking Discord channels. Only Google translator saves me.

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