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Hi anna. I heard that you're going to perform umrah soon so when will it be and with whom ? a lil bit excited cause I'm going too β˜ΊπŸ™†

Hi! Yes I am, I'm going with my uncle, cousins and my grandmother. Initially wanted to bring my parents but my dad couldn't apply for cuti so I might bring them again next year insha Allah. My flight is on this upcoming Wednesday. When is yours? Have a safe one! 😊

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Ainaaaa kalo awk travel,awk pakai telco or wifi ape? Sebab tgk awk travel macam awk ade internet setiap masa je..saya kalo travel pakai wifi hotel je

Depends. Kalau travel kejap, memang pakai wifi hostel jugak. Kalau travel lama baru macam sewa wifi or kalau simcard murah kat sana, beli simcard lagi senang.

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Salam Kak Anna ,Akak ada apa apa ke ngn Teme??

Tak ada apa pun. Terjumpa dia haritu je.

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kak anna macam mana nak improve grammar kita eh?

Do a lot of grammar exercises & read a lot.

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congrats on your graduation!❀️

Thank you!

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I hope you are my future wife :)

You can't HOPE I'm your future wife! If you want me to be your future wife, you need to pray and work for it! You can't just hope, duh! That's not how it workssssss. #soriover

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hi kak anna! as slm ;) mind to ask you that are you from the wealthy family?πŸ˜„ how you earn your money?


Hello. Nope, my family biasa biasa je. Not wealthy pun.

I've been multitasking for years now. Besides studying, I'm also working part time & I have a few businesses that I run. I'd been traveling but never once I asked money from my parents, I only asked for their permission to let me travel. I buy everything I want with my own money- my dad only support my college tuition fee. Everything else is on my own. He no longer supports me financially because I'm working. I can stand on my own two feet. :)

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Hi Kak Anna! If I had a problem, is it okay to just be quiet, never show, and pendam? Bcs I think it may be the best thing that I can do :(

Hey there! It's totally fine but sometimes you need to let it out as well. You can't keep everything and all problems to yourself only. It's not healthy.

If you have a friend you can trust, share things you can share. If not, you always have your family. I share problems with my family too. My parents especially. They're the best ones! :)

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Anna, have u ever bought flight ticket to overseas using any agent that could give like 15-30% discount from the website that we tried to book ?

Nope. I normally buy flight tix on my own.

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Hi Anna! I am planning to go to the Lombok Island. Tapi, sy akan depart from Bandung. May I know, your procedures bila dah sampai Lombok nak ke hotel and so on and what kind of activities yg Anna buat dekat sana? Many thanks dear :)

Hi! Bestnya!!!!
Well, in Lombok there aren't many public transportations available. So, you NEED to find a local driver/supir to drive you around sebab the distance between places sangat jauh. If you're thinking to walk, nope forget it. So, sampai nanti cari driver dulu. Ramai je kat airport tu, tinggal pilih je haha. And kat sana local tour guide memang mahal, try la nego.

Tengok instagram Anna, dah tag semua tempat yang Anna pergi.

Have fun!

Insha Allah tahun depan Anna nak pergi lagi. Nak hiking hehe.

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Salam. Hi anna! So, how did you make moneyyyy? Envy sangatni you can travel anywhere and everywhere. Mind to share the tips or cerita? :')


Waalaikumussalam. I've been working for years. I also run a few businesses & I have other part time jobs as well. Basically juggling from job to job to job to study hahaha. Restless tapi Alhamdulillah, selagi ada rezeki & selagi mampu nak bekerja. Anna okay je.

Bab travel tu, normally Anna main hentam je beli tiket kalau Anna rasa tiket murah. Nak pergi nanti baru Anna fikir benda lain lain tu haha. Anna memang yolo.

Nak murah rezeki, kita kena jadi pemurah. Rajin belanja orang, rajin sedekah, jangan kedekut dengan parents, share ilmu etc. insha Allah walau tak banyak, akan ada je rezeki tu :)

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What are the differences between KLCC and you?

I'm shorter :P

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hi kak anna! takpe ke kalau perempuan yang confess dulu kat lelaki yang kita suka dia?

Hi! Kenapa tak boleh pulak? 😊

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Hi kak anna. I am one of the tesl student in kuptm kl. How do you study for listening and speaking as it is the most killer subject for us

Hi! Listening & speaking is actually a fun subject.

I bet phonetics part is the hardest, is it?

My tips:

1. Always have a dictionary with you- physical or download it in your phone. Make sure the dictionary also carries phonetic sound for each words.

2. Do a lot of exercises. Past year questions especially. Normally they recycle the questions je.

3. Focus on quizzes, tests & presentation. These will affect your carry marks. Always aim for high marks.

4. Ask. If tak faham, do ask your lecturers. Diorang sangat suka enthusiastic students. Your enthusiasm will help you out later.

Try to love the subject & you'll be fine.

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dua bulan masuk kolej saya tak jumpa lagi kwn yg betul2 nak kawan. adakah tu normal

Ye, normal.

Kalau rasa orang tak approach kita, be the one who approaches people first. Tegur sikit sikit or kalau jumpa dekat twitter yang satu fac or class ke, be friendly with them. Nanti lama lama ajak lah keluar or study sama sama or something. Tak rugi pun.

We all need at least one friend to stick with throughout our college years. 😊

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do you have any tips for students that will taking muet?

Don't study too hard, it won't help as much. Studying too much for muet will only make you super nervous during exam day.

1. Watch tvs without subtitles. Try to understand what they're saying. Translate it yourself.

2. Memorize English songs by listening to it. Read the lyrics only once or twice. Also, translate the hidden meaning of the song yourself.

3. Read novels, short stories preferably when the character tells you about themselves- writer uses I for main character instead of name. This will help you during writing essay. Reading also helps to improve grammar & give you more ideas for writing.

4. Practice with your friends. Try to speak English with your friends. Kalau terabur pun takpe, asalkan practice. You need the confidence. Grammar and other things can be corrected later on. Yang penting boleh cakap dengan confident.

These tips help to improve English jugak. Not just for muet sitters ok. :)

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Salam hi anna! Mind sharing? How to start a business? And, actually i dah pernah jual barang sendiri but gitu gitu je la and now aktif on becoming a dropship. Alhamdulillah. But, saya nak cuba jual produk sendiri. Ada tips how to find a good supplier and how much modal needed at first? Thanksss 😍


Hi! I see.
Starting a business requires guts. You must be willing to take risks, spend, give, take & lose. Anything could happen. Business might be doing good today but tomorrow might fail.

In terms of modal, you don't have to think much about it. Just use whatever you have in your hand. Kalau ada RM100, use it as your modal. DO NOT apply loan or borrow money from other people. This is crucial. Use your own money to start your business.

Planning - What do you want to sell? How's the market in Malaysia? What's the price range? Market selling price? Who's your competitor? Where are you going to sell it? Target market? Are the products could be used for long term?

Supplier - Google / Ask around / Search on your own, around neighborhood, other places etc. & then compare prices between suppliers, look at their work ethics, do they meet your expectations? How's their quality? Try to read & get reviews from other clients. Get all information you can, then choose the best one. Make sure the best one meets your capital too. Kalau tak cukup, since you're doing dropship. Kumpul dulu duit untung from dropship sampai cukup, then dah ready baru contact supplier. Make sure you ask for samples first before proceed dengan order. Communication is important. Make sure they understand you and vice versa.

Nak buat business ni macam do or die. Tak berani, tak payah buat. If you want to grow big, kena make big effort jugak lah.

Paling penting- jangan tinggal solat, jangan lupa sedekah. Hasil jualan tu, bahagikan untuk charity jugak daripada setiap pembelian or keuntungan ke. Berkat penting. Bila kita banyak memberi, Allah akan lagi murahkan rezeki kita. Insha Allah 😊

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You're a wise person at such a young age do you know that? Btw bila pergi umrah? Semoga urusan dipermudahkan to go there! Oh and kalau nak kirim doa boleh? :)

Haha. Define wise?

I think I'm just ordinary, not very wise. In fact, super clumsy!

I'm going to perform my umrah in November insha Allah! 2 weeks after I got back from London. Doakan semua dipermudahkan ye. I've been really looking forward to it.

Sure, boleh! Do dm me your doa on 16th of November ok! If I get the chance to go there, Anna akan bacakan ye insha Allah! 😊

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i saw u with ur family semalam.. so glad to see you healthy again walaupun still nampak pucat sikit.. u still look beautiful.. get well soon dear :)

Thank you so much. I'm all well now, insha Allah. One thing that's bothering me.... Kenapa tak tegur?! Eeee! Next time you see me, please do say hi! <3

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kak Anna .. Most of my friends said that I'm such a boring person . Memang betul , sbb saya tak pandai nak mulakan perbualan . Mcm mana nak jadi talkative and enjoy person ? I afraid if my friend will leave me ..

Sentiasa senyum and rajin follow perkembangan semasa. Nak mulakan conversation, start dengan topic yang tengah viral/trending tapi jangan lah sampai cakap benda bukan bukan, tak elok & mengumpat tau. Cakap benda benda baik.

Contoh, kalau suka membaca & ada baca artikel online or cerita menarik yang bagi input ke, share lah. "Eh, haritu kan aku ada terbaca pasal bla bla bla."

Jangan try hard. Buat biasa je, tapi cuba jugak & bila orang tengah berborak, tunjuk minat nak dengar. Tanya soalan ke or share pengalaman dan pendapat kalau ada.

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have you ever felt terrified that you may be falling for someone for all the wrong reasons?❀️

I would always try to avoid from feeling that way because it feels so wrong. I want to love someone because of their unique characteristics, their manners & beautiful heart. I love seeing love grows in a person, it turns them into someone different, mostly a good kind of different. More accepting, more tolerance & more open minded.

I'm not one of those girls who'd fall for someone because of looks & advantages. I like to observe people, mostly by the way they treat other people, their manners, their way of thinking. That's how I'd find someone very attractive.

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Sorry for the incomplete question anna, and thanks for ur great advice. Rasa lega sikit. This is really helping me. :)

Noralimah Golden

You're welcome! So glad it helped!
Take care of yourself ok :)

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Thank you Na. Definitely want to kenal you offline and not here or any social media. Later maybe insya Allah. :) -bon-

My pleasure.
Kalau ada jodoh, ada lah tu. 😊

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I adore you so much kak anna! semoga dlm lindungan ALLAH selalu . love youuu πŸ’•

Thank you! Amin. Insha Allah! Love you too! ❀️

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Anna bila pergi uk? Seronoknya!!!!!!!!!!! Will u be meeting @itsteme there?

Insha Allah, Thursday next week!
I'm so nervous though because I'm going to be away for a month long. T_T

& btw, I don't know him. We might bump into each other there and he might notice me if he knows me but.... that's just impossible because I don't think he knows me haha. I'm like a definite stranger here.

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