Anna Khayalan @thekhayalan
Anna Khayalan @thekhayalan
20 & not perfect // I'm not that good, just sharing what's on my mind. Feel free to tell me whatever you have in mind, I'll try my best to answer. Insha Allah.
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Assalam hi there!! :) Who was the one who introduce you into business?
My mom, she was a businesswoman. I used to help her out as well :)
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ape id ig awak?
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Hi Kak Anna! This is not actually a question em but I want to say thank you for your clothing line. I bought 3 of them and CAN'T wait to wear 'em. It's really hard nowadays to find simple-long-blouse(😭 So, thank you Kak Anna and all the best in! Will be supporting you always!
Hi there! Aw thank you so much! I hope you'll love them! Do tag me if you wear it tau!
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Ada boyfriend tak? heheh just asking
Tak ada.
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anna,i try bake mango cheesecake but takjadi. teach me plssssssss aaaaa
Please scroll down my instagram profile, I've posted my recipe there last year siap dengan full instruction :)
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kak anna waktu sekolah dulu byk ckp tak depan kawan2?
Well.... I'm an introvert on the surface. Once people get close to me, I'll dramatically change into an extrovert. Heh
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kak anna, i just want to ask something. You're majoring in TESL right? Is it very hard? what are the topics or categories that you learn when majoring in TESL?
Nope, it's not hard at all. In fact, it's a fun course! The classes are fun and not as tension as it was back then in school. Tesl is focusing more on education, basically they are training us to be english teachers in the future but no worries, it's an english course you can apply other jobs if you don't wanna be an educator. In semester one, you will learn the basic again. You'll learn english je for years, if you love english then you wouldn't have much problem but don't underestimate the course, it's easy but it's not as easy as you think.
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Hi kak anna. Boleh tau spm dapat bape dulu hehe
5A je
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Tea or air masak?
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Akak study or kerja skrang?
Both. I like multitasking! Hehe
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finally you on askfm again 😧 btw nice to know u i'm from indonesia i really like your style 😊
Thank you so much! Hello from Malaysia! <3
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How actually do you start your clothing line?or business?how old are you?im impressed btw :)
Hi there! Well, I'm about to turn 20 years old in a few days yayyyyyy.
Actually, I have this mission where I want to inspire the female teens to start covering up their aurah perfectly. I'm not a perfect role model but this way I could mend myself too. Realizing that I have influence, I should do good with it. That's when I came up with the idea of my clothing line. It was a dream but now it's coming real slowly, I hope I'll achieve my mission :)
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Anna , u ni flawless x ? Ke tu semua plastik je ?
And why does that concern you?
Nobody is flawless, not even me.
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how kak anna bole bgi answer yg superb yg penuh dgn kata kata motivated? kena dgn ques yg anon ask always feels amazed with ur answers
I don't know.... It all comes from heart.
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hai anna (: boleh tahu dr mana awak belajar buat cake? (:
Hi! My mom dulu ada bakery shop etc.
Tapi dia tak ajar Anna pun, Anna belajar sendiri tengok recipes dalam buku. Kalau tak pandai ke, baru tanya ibu. She refused to help me sebab dia nak Anna belajar sendiri. Dia guide je. Huhu
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Anna,wht if tetiba ad yg dtg rumah terus nk melamar anna?and the guy is a good looking and polite?
I don't really care about his look. If he comes to my house, the first thing I'll do is I'll take him to my grandparents' and see how he handles my family. If he marries me, he also marries my family.
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Kak Anna, I'm actually slowly to covering my aurah and trying wearing some loose blouse goin out. But people around me, lookin at me weird. How you get those confident abt the way ur dressin infront of ppl. -xoxo-
Hi there! Aw that's a good change!
Well..... As long as I feel comfortable in whatever I'm wearing, I always feel confident! It's okay, at first it's kinda hard but you'll get used to it eventually.
Good luck & don't forget to istiqamah :)
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Something that calm you?
Water & recitation of Quran.
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comel lah kak anna ketawa dalam rancangan Kopi Bersama Ustaz Kazim. Menawan sangat!!!
Aduhai malunya..... Hahaha
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What do you think of dressing up pets?
Meet my cat, Snow.
What do you think of dressing up pets?
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tapi kak anna, u hv to remember, even my mom pun always reminds this to me, bila kita pakai tudung labuh org akan tgok every single things we say, we do, we act. sebab people thought those with tudung labuh is a good person sebab tu die takes challenge utk pkai tdg labuh. so u must take this risk
Sebenarnya, kalau tak pakai tudung labuh pun kena jaga perkataan dan perbuatan semua tu. Cuma, people these days they are too typical minded-
Kalau tudung labuh, baik.
Kalau tak pakai tudung, jahat.
Kalau pakai tudung singkat, jahil.
It's ridiculous. It's dumb.
The way they judge a person based on what they wear, based on the appearance, the surface is so unfair. Padahal these people they're judging <<could>> possibly be thousand times better than them.
Don't do that okay. Always take care of whatever you do, say or act no matter how you dress up. It's the personality that matters.
Beautiful appearance with bad personality is still bad.
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Hi Kak Anna. Nak tanya what is you opinion kalau saya yg berhijab ni tuck in baju bila pakai loose pant. Akak rasa appropriate tak?
Hi! I think it's a little exposed.
What if we change the style a bit. Nak?
Simple je. You could add an outerwear, it could be cardigan, blazer, jacket etc- which is labuh and not see-through so that it could cover your backside. And jangan lupa labuhkan tudung okay! :)
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sorry ive been wondering where are your spectacles from?
My spectacles are from............... THE OPTIC SHOP! If you're wondering what the brand is, it's Rayban.
& I just lost it last week....
I'm currently having a hard time to smile back at people because I can't really see them smiling at me from far :c
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Tak payah bajet hot sangat.
Hahahahaha excuse me but you're so funiiiiii :p
Hope the weather is good over there!
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Hi kak anna!! Ihiks, dun really have a question to ask but seriously, I'm really hoping that we could meet someday :) know a thing that you've really inspired me a lot with those piles of wise advices you've given to your followers XOXO
Hello dear! Alhamdulillah, so glad that I inspire someone but don't be too inspired okay cause I'm not perfect myself. (even i can't inspire myself haha) Hopefully we could meet soon!
Lots of love! <3
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