boleh suggest vitamin c apa yang elok? tq

I'm consuming vitamins from Shaklee, so far so good. Bought from a kind seller, @ainruzkina (you can search her on twitter) :D

How many quests yg anna x jawab lsgi

There, 8154 questions.

Salam Anna! I wonder if there's any guy who've asked for your hand in marriage? No worries I am a girl haha just asking. I'd also want you to know that I appreciate the good example that you're showing, since most of your followers are young girls and we need more positive stuffs. Thank you Anna :)

Waalaikumussalam. Hi! Hahaha honestly, there are a few guys who asked but nobody really asked my parents directly except for this one person. In the end, he chickened out I think I'm not sure. Never heard from him anymore.

Marriage isn't a simple thing, it's a lifetime decision. I really need someone who can handle me & guide me to the right path & keep me on track. I'm not a saint. I have my bad sides. It's really hard to find that person who can accept me for who I really am, the whole me- not the half person I appear to be. I am easily distracted & sometimes lost. So hahaha. I'm not rushing into it, I'll just wait patiently I'm still young. In the mean time, I'll be working hard to achieve my goals and dreams.

Thank you for the kind words! I'm so glad but please don't see me as this good & positive person, I can break down too & I make mistakes all the time. Allah just hides it for me. So, lower your expectation ok! Anyway, thank you so so so much! <3

Anna what's your height? Do you wear high heels often? I'm like pretty short, 155cm and its one of my insecurities when I'm getting older now.

I'm 156cm, apparently 1cm taller than you :P

I wear slippers all the time (no kidding), even to kenduri. I wear pretty clothes but the sight would be ruined by my slippers haha. Selesa & relax. Unless kalau ada important events, I'd switch to heels. This girl gotta look impressive sometimes huhu.

Sometimes I feel insecure about my height too but you know what, being petite has its own perks & you gotta embrace it and rock it. Don't take it as a weakness, look at it as your strength.

Hmmm. Dekat 2-3 org jugak mengusik Anna dgn Teme. Korg mmg ada apa2 ke? #putusharapan #heartbroken #moveon

Baru tegur satu dua tweet dekat Twitter korang dah assume macam macam. Kami strangers lahhhhh.

Tips for long distance relationship plss


Slm, hai Anna! is it kind of problem if I like to do things alone. Most of the time I am alone. But still I have good relation with my friends. I'm more comfortable doing something alone bcs I don't want to disturb my friends' activities just how I don't want them to do so on me. pls reply this!

Waalaikumussalam. Hi! Nope. I have the same thought too but I'm not allowed to go & be anywhere alone (the only daughter in the family) but I get you. It's not weird. In fact, I think it's good because you're away from gossips & other people's business. Sometimes it's alright not to be a part of the gang.

can u write something in korea,,,?

Taeyang???? I don't know what it means.

Your biggest phobia?

Pernah kena ragut. Now I feel anxious kalau naik public transportations or jalan jalan dekat luar. Rasa takut sangat.

what do u think on people dlm ig nmpk cntik but im real life gigi terabur 😢

What do you think about people who have beautiful appearance but own an ugly heart? :)

Anna what you do if you lose your confidence?

I will gain it back.

Kak anna jadi guru sementara untuk apa? Lepas habis study, jadi guru full time ke? I wonder a lot pasal guru praktikal ni :(

It was a course requirement. Semua TESL students kena hantar pergi sekolah & mengajar during practicum semester. Lepas habis diploma, kena ambil degree dulu baru boleh apply jadi cikgu full time. Kalau taknak jadi cikgu pun boleh.

Salam kak ana, i just want to know about yr opinion what if u got a chance to continue studies in course yg u minat tapi at the same time yr parents wants u to take the course yg u tak minat and takde basic. But depan u she didnt tell u that she wants u to continue the other couse (yg u tak minat)


I was in your shoes masa dapat result spm dulu. My dad wanted me to pursue in Medic, Pharmacy and stuff. Really not my thing. Then my mom pulak wanted me to pursue in TESL which I didn't really like, I thought there's no way I'm going to be a teacher. I wanted to pursue in Psychology, like dying for it.

There was a huge argument between my mom, my dad and I.

Cuba teka siapa menang?

The mother, of course haha.

& so I pursued my study in TESL.
In the end, I got good cpgas. My results were satisfying every semester, Alhamdulillah. I couldn't take it at first due to depression etc but my parents were very supportive & they motivated me every time I gave up.

Okay it has nothing to do with your problem but the point is, whatever it is you wanna do & of course, pursue... Your parents' blessings are very important. Bila rasa tak boleh, kita akan rasa boleh. Their dua's are powerful. It's okay not to go with their choice once in a while but we as the children, kena make them understand our choice- tell them why? & explain to them. Truth is, they're just worried & want the best for us. :)

Akak anna khayalan pls give me some advice &confident sbb saya ada tarikh lahir kat muka and saya langsung tkde confident nk pakai cecantik mcm org lain and bila tgk akk anna and org lain pakai cm jeles , sometimes org lain pndng saya lain mcm saya rasa cm im the one weirdo then anyone else :((

Kenapa nak kena kisah apa yang orang lain fikir? You're the one who's living your life, make the best out of it. Don't think too much about other people's opinions, most of the time they're just being judgmental. Start accepting yourself, embrace your beauty. Whatever you look like, with a birth mark or without, most importantly is you're still you. If you can't even accept yourself, how are you going to expect other people to accept you too? Accept yourself, tell yourself that you're beautiful everyday, confidence will come when you really feel it. Do not compare yourself dengan other people. We're all different. Yang penting, hati. Ok? :)

hi kak anna. Im a foundation student! I wanna ask bout my deg. I wanna be a teacher yess and a teacher for primary school but ma friend cakap teacher with deg takboleh ajar sek rendah.. 😭 is it true kak?

Hi. No, that's not true. All teachers need to have a degree to teach. Even the government is sending the senior teachers who don't have degree to pursue their study. Degree is a requirement now. After graduation, you can apply to be a teacher.

what ur experience abt ur career dari dulu sampai sekarang ?

There are a lot of experiences...

1. I meet a lot of new people. There are many types of them - Ada yang suka ambil kesempatan whenever they see an opportunity, ada yang dengki kalau orang lain lebih sikit, ada yang suka menjatuhkan orang. Tapi ada juga yang walaupun competitive, masih berkawan & bantu satu sama lain. I love what I do and meeting different types of people somehow help me see and understand more about the world and our culture.

2. Money. People would do anything for money. Kawan ke tak kawan ke, when they see money they'll just lose it. They become someone else. It's saddening to see how fast people change just so they can have things that they can get by throwing valuable relationships away.

3. Hardship. Working hard alone is never an easy thing. You have to put 101% more effort than everybody else. Sometimes it's just you alone handling things. You're the runner, you're the boss, you're the worker, you're everyone. & there are times when stress just gets to you and you have to deal with it alone. It's depressing & tiring but the result is worth it.

4. Time management. As a full time student, having other careers is a real struggle especially when work & study clash. Sometimes you have to choose between those two, which one you're going to put first. The night before final exam, I'm finishing my work until morning. Then baru study. Anyhow, most of the time I always put my study first before anything else.

There are more but these are what I can share with you, maybe you can learn from it a little :)

do you have a boyfriend?

I do not.

salam anna. its me again. saya ada kwn. dulu msa diploma rpt hbis. kmi ada bet dulu siapa yg dpt marks tinggi kena blnja. smpai msa sekrg sya blm blnja kwn sya tu. mslhnya skrg kita org tdk serpt dulu. dia ada kwn baru dh. prlu kah saya asi asi mnnaikn jnji dlu arh dia sdngkn di mcm tdk pdlikn sya?


Janji tetap janji. Tak semestinya dah tak rapat macam dulu, maknanya tak payah tunai janji. Maybe this time around, awak dengan dia boleh rapat balik macam dulu?

don't you want to start a youtube channel ?

Too busy & I have no idea how to edit videos. Haha

what is your opiniom about public bashing? especially online?


tips hilangkan sunburn plg mudah?

Use aloe vera. It works well!! I previously had a bad sunburn when I got back from Lombok. It only took me a few days for my skin to recover after applying aloe vera. I got mine from Thefaceshop :)

kita dah sayang dia . dah selesa dengan dia . kami rapat sangat . suddenly dia berubah hati dlm sekelip mata . tawar hati katanya . apa kena buat eh ? should I stay n masih mengharap agar hatinya kembali manis or move on? macam mana nak move on ? haha

There's no hope for tawar hati. Tawar hati memang dah tak ada rasa apa apa langsung. So there's no use to hope because it really won't happen. Sorry for being harsh.

Sekarang, move on. The first step to move on is by forgiving. It's important to forgive other people so we could find our inner peace. Tak ada dendam & masam muka.

Then, let go. Letting go means redha & nekad. Terima apa yang berlaku & nekad untuk lepaskan. Bila kita ikhlas, benda akan jadi senang. Then boleh move on.

Slowly but surely.

Hi Kak Ana 👋🏻 Abang kita minat dekat Kak Ana. Kita suka usik dia. Bila kita tanya dia tak nak mengaku lepas tu dia buat ayat pasrah " Siapa jelah abang ni dik dia nak pandang " haha 😂😂

Hi! Haha tak baik usik orang tau. Cakap dekat dia thank you. 😊

Hai anna, if you don't mind. Can you share what skincare you use? And how you jaga muka. Thanks in advance! :)

Hi! I'm currently using Clinique 3 steps regime & alongside, my to-be-released skin product (soon).

I always choose skincare which contains no harmful ingredients.

& It's very important to know your skin type before you choose the right skincare. Don't choose the 'for all skin types' products, choose the specific ones that focus on your type of skin/problem. It'd suit your skin better.

Taking care of my super sensitive skin is never easy haha sangat annoying because it's so sensitive. I basically have to take care of what I'm eating, making sure I drink enough plain water, eat healthy food, avoid junk food, detox, apply clay mask twice a week, exfoliate my skin with scrubs etc. A lot of effort lah tapi kena rajin. Eventually it'll become a routine.

My skin now isn't any flawless pun, but it feels healthy which is good enough for me :)

what excites you most about visiting other countries?

The food & the culture. I love learning new things & meeting new people. They're very unexpected. And I'm always amazed to see the differences in their cultures- very unique & most of the time, good & valuable.


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