Anna Khayalan @thekhayalan
Anna Khayalan @thekhayalan
20 & not perfect // I'm not that good, just sharing what's on my mind. Feel free to tell me whatever you have in mind, I'll try my best to answer. Insha Allah.
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Anna,i know that there's a thousand of boys had crush on you.And you have to choose only one as your husband.And I hope I'll be the only one you'll choose.I know it's kinda weird.But i'm always pray for you.For your happiness.For your goals.And i hope you choose the right path.Take care anna. -hq-
Thank you :')
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Kak Anna, moga silaturrahim akak dan mereka-mereka tu cepat okay :)
Amin. Terima kasih!
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Kak bila episod akak dalam Kopi Bersama Ustaz Kazim nak keluar?
Saya pun tak tahu lagi. Kena tunggu & lihat! Setiap Ahad tau :)
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Anna I nak jumpa you  Sakinah Kamal
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ada tips tak macam mana nak kawal perasaan bila suka someone or ada tips tak macam mana nak stop suka someone ?
Jauhkan diri dari dia. Selagi kita nampak dia, lagi bertambah perasaan kita dekat dia.
Get yourself busy :)
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I want to become a close friend to you. How?
Why not? A simple hi won't hurt!
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Hai, kak anna ni sape sebenarnya?? Hihihi sory tanya :)
Hi! Saya macam awak jugak! :)
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high heels or sneakers?
I actually prefer slippers je hahaha.
But if I had to choose, of course I'd choose sneakers. Nak lari senang heh! :p
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I wanna take tesl. But i only have a basic eng, my vocab is not that good. What do u think?
My english isn't that good as well. I've survived 3 semesters :)
Worry not, during the first and second semesters you'll learn basic Eng. again. Except that in this course, the learning scope is deeper. If you love English, go for it okay!
Insha Allah you'll be just fine! You'll improve your language in time.
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kak anna pernah tak patah tgn? patah kaki ke? patah apa apa jelah. pernah tak?
Patah hati pernah lah........ Hahahaha
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peh you got thousands of questions!! maybe takde masa nak jawab semua tapi do you read all of it?
I do read all of them. I just don't have enough time to reply every single one :(
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Hi kak anna , boleh bagi tips untuk makanan yang sihat and simple to prepare? Actually saya dalam proses nak kurus :)
- Makan wholemeal bread
- Kurangkan gula in every drink
- Kalau boleh minum air suam or air masak je
- Eat a lot of fruits and veggies
- Kalau makan nasi make sure lebihkan lauk (kurangkan nasi)
- Jangan skip breakfast
- No heavy meals at night
- Elakkan oily food dan junk food
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Kak Anna, i have bf tapi sejak dua menjak ni he always ignore me and do his work with his friends. Dulu apa hal dia yang mulakan convo dulu but now he changed i asked him sayangkan i lagi or not and he said he love me and he begging me for not ask a same question. So what should i do yaa?
1) You guys are not married
2) Most guys don't like to be controlled, not saying that you're controlling him but it seems like you're pushing him. Lelaki ni suka freedom. Bila dia dengan kawan kawan dia, let him. Biar dia spend masa with them. Dia tak bagi awak tanya that question sebab dia rasa macam you're asking him to choose- you or his friends. Trust me, you don't want to ask that question.
3) Kalau rasa macam his attention isn't balanced, talk to him about it. I'm sure he'll do something. Kalau ada anything, talk. Guys don't get clues. Kena cakap or else diorang tak tahu.
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i pray to Allah hoping we can meet soon in syurga Allah.
Allahumma Ameen.
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Assalamualaikum, I've been suffering from 'eating disorder' and 'social anxiety' ever since I was 14 and now I'm 17. But I'm too ashamed to tell my family and friends about it. If you were me, how do you personally deal with a friend who has 'ed' like me?
Eating disorder & social anxiety could get serious in some cases. You really need to talk to someone about it, you need motivation & help. You can't keep it to yourself, you might harm yourself without notice.
If you don't have anybody to talk to, you can come to me. I'll be more than happy to help you out okay :)
Lots of love!
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ape nk bwat kalo org tu slalu nk malukn kite dpn org ramai
Jangan buat apa apa, Allah ada.
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Kak anna macam mana nak hilangkan eyebag?
Ambil buah pisang, potong sikit & hancurkan.
Letak dekat bawah mata sampai kering.
Jadikan macam eye mask.
It always works on me :)
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Kak anna, bila episod yang ada akak dalam rancangan kopi bersama ustaz kazim? Please let me know. I T_T
Nanti bila my episode dah nak disiarkan, Anna bagitahu okay! So far they haven't told me anything. Jangan lupa tengok tau!
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what do you think about haters
I don't think about haters.
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Saya tak ada boyfriend, tak akan ada . kira tunggu calon suami la kan kan . ihiks ^^
Yes. Insha Allah kalau ada jodoh. Doakan yang baik baik ya :)
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Hai kak anna. I jenis yang berkulit gelap. Org pun tak nak berkawan dengan i even tegur pun tak. Tp skrg ni i pakai satu product and boleh dikatakan kulit i dah bertambah cerah and ramai yang dah start nk berkawan dgn i.Tp i rasa dieorang tu semua berkawan dengan i disebabkan rupa i.Wht should i do?
Let's take it this way. Our first glance dekat someone, kita terus nampak hati dia tak? Tak kan? The first thing yang kita nampak is his appearance, cara dia berpakaian etc. Kita tak nampak apa yang dekat dalam. So, kita kena approach orang tu. Kadang kadang orang muka cantik tapi hati busuk. Ada yang vice versa.
Manusia ni, suka benda yang cantik. Siapa je tak suka benda cantik kan? It's always about the appearance sebab it's the first thing yang kita notice pasal someone that makes us want to approach them. Our personality tu they will explore later and that would be their choice, whether they like it or not. Nak stay or go.
I know exactly how it feels but that's how it works. Just make sure you know who your real friends are. Make sure your new friends aren't taking advantages on you. Still, don't be so negative. Some people could be different than what they appear to be :)
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kak anna dgn tyah dah okay ?
Belum. Doakan yang baik baik ya :)
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Assalamualaikum Kak Anna. Apa akak buat kalau tiba tiba je haters maki maki tak tentu pasal ?
Saya ignore je. Buang masa je kalau layan, tak beneficial pun. Kita sakit hati, diorang suka. Lagi kita layan, lagi diorang suka.
In certain situation, diam lebih baik daripada berkata kata :)
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Akak edit picture guna apps apa ?
Snapseed & Vscocam
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Assalamualaikum Anna! Hey we're in the same age ya know but I'm older than ya hehehe but still we're both Taurean! So your personality a bit kinda like me very motivated person and always thinking positive. Go taurean!! okay that is not my point Anna,I really have no clue about make-up? found
Hello there mateeeeee! Haha I don't know what you're trying to ask since ask fm has characters limit too but I think I get your point.
Talk about make up. Before this I had no idea what Sephora was but once my girlfriend invited me to come and visit her so later we could go to Sephora. But I was like "Call me lame but what the heck is Sephora?" Dia gelak gila kot! She was like "omg anna".
My mom used to be a makeup artist. When I was little I liked to accompany her pergi wedding. I was so amazed kot tengok dia make up pengantin, bila dah siap ibu would ask me "Kakak, cantik tak?". Anna pun angguk laju laju haha.
Okay tak ada kena mengena.
If you're trying to ask me about make up, you ask the wrong person hahaha because I have no idea at all. I own a lot of make ups but I don't use them hahahahahaha. And I don't know how to use them. I've watched tutorials but I think I just really have no skill at all.
Anyways, I do have my own routine. My fav kind of make up is natural make up. You wear make up but you still look like you.
1) Day cream (spf)
2) Foundation/bb cream
3) Lip balm or natural colour lipstick.
4) Mascara (I seriously can't live without mascara)
Ok tu jelah. If you want to buy make up, choose the ones yang halal, safe & boleh bawa solat. I recommend FCC (Farmasi Colour Cosmetic) or Ronasutra. They're a bit pricey but worth it. FCC is a muslim brand from Turkey. Anna banyak pakai product FCC.
Lispticks etc Anna banyak beli from Sephora.
I'm sorry if I don't help much hahaha.
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