Anna Khayalan @thekhayalan
Anna Khayalan @thekhayalan
19 & not perfect I'm not that good, just sharing what I feel. Feel free to ask whatever you have in mind, I'll try my best to help. Insha Allah.
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kak anna you pakai plain widehsawl u berapa pnjang dia
I'm not sure, I think the length is just the same like other wideshawls.
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Hi kak ana ;) Im so happy seeing that you active back your acc. I've been missing you a lot >_< hehe
Hi! Aww glad to be back!
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I bought arcelia because youre the model. ❤️
Aww thank you! If you're staying in KL or nearby, please do come to pwtc this weekend! I'll be there with arceliacollection's team! :)
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which one you decide.a guy with a good looking but he's attitude like a shit.or a guy so not handsome one but iman dia.Subhanallah
Haha that's pretty harsh?
I'd choose the one with great imaan of course. I'm not the type of girl who chooses looks over other things.
What's the point of having handsome face if his attitude is a major turn off? It doesn't guarantee anything pun.
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How you manage your financial. I hv many desires, but kdg2 as a student slalu bnyk pakai duit. So mcm mana nk buat ey :(
Well, I'm working. Kalau bab nak beli things, I'd think 100 times. Worth it ke tak? Beneficial ke tak? Something macam tu haha.
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Anna , i rarely see photo of you in the instagram with some fans . Why?
Oh, actually I rarely go out. But you can see my tags section on instagram, ada je they tag our photos :)
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Do you have a boyfriend?
No, I don't do boyfriend.
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Dekat mana I boleh cari bedak sejuk? Any idea?
Try cari dekat kedai kedai yang jual supplement or jamu, biasanya ada. Takpun, try google "bedak sejuk Tabloq". That's the brand I'm using, from terengganu. Diorang ada fb page, i buy online je sometimes.
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Dear Anna, I really adore how you dress up now as its follow syariah Islam. How did you istiqamah ?
Hi, thank you so much. I still have flaws somewhere in the way I dress but I'm working on it insha Allah.
Well people judge me all the time and whenever I make one wrong step, they'll tell it to me straight that it's wrong. I take criticism seriously. I take what other people say about me seriously, their opinions matter to me because I like to hear them whether they're good or bad or harsh or whatsoever.
Those are my motivations, to be better than what I am today. Everything they tell me, I take them as advices and I constantly try to improve myself to be better.
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Kak Anna , saya ada impian nak buat bisnes online . Saya baru 16 tahun . Macam mana nak kumpul modal tapi tak nak susahkan parents?
Usually kalau benda macam ni, you have to discuss with your parents first. Minta permission nak buat bisnes, kalau diorang bagi then baru fikir macam mana nak kumpul modal okay?
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apa kita perlu buat kalau kena ejek kat sekolah or something else
Ignore je. Lama lama diorang akan penat and diam sendiri. Kalau kita layan lagi diorang suka, makin menjadi jadi.
Diam & sabar lebih baik.
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how do you become a model? is it the really thing that you want to be? and how do you become popular on social website?
Is it a really thing I want to be? No.
I have my own goals to achieve and being a model or popular is never on the list. But I was given opportunities that some people wish to have so I grabbed them so I could gain some experience and learn from the great minds behind em. So far, I've learned a lot.
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What happend between you, aizat and kak meen? Youre so closed with Aizat back then..
Well I guess certain things, certain relationships, certain friendships are just not meant to be. Allah knows better :)
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You are a very good listener :D  Amirah
I get that a lot! Haha thank you!
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Kak Anna bukan niqabis ke?
I'm a part time niqabis :)
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tips utk budak2 form 3 nak ambik result this monday? :|
Solat hajat banyak banyak okay! Tawakal :)
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Memang asal Kuantan ke ?
Ya saya.
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dulu kak anna masa f4 ambil aliran kelas apa?
Dulu Anna ambil science stream :)
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tinggi and berat kak anna?
156cm / 43kg
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Saya duduk asrama. And bila time sekolah selalu sangat tidur dalam kelas. Memang sehari tu wajib tidur dalam kelas. Saya akan jadi penat and tak ada semangat nak study. Macam mana nak hilang kan rasa mengantuk tu even saya tidur awal pun :)
Oh, benda tu sangat normal. Masa saya duduk asrama dulu pun saya selalu tidur dalam kelas haha.
Normally kita rasa mengantuk sebab dehydration, so kena make sure awak ada a bottle of water with you all the time. Air masak tau! Bila rasa mengantuk, minum air. Insha Allah it helps.
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How to have keyakinan diri? Saya selalu rasa macam tu kat sekolah time nak buat presentation or anything else.
Positivity is the key to everything. Just believe that you can do it and you'll be able to do it. Your mind controls your action :)
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kalau math pulakk? mcm mne nk dptkn A+ . hm,
Maths normally kena banyak buat exercises sebab maths sangat luas and there are variety types of questions. Buat past year questions, selalu related je soalan yang keluar.
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anna i teringin nak jumpa anna dedepan huwaaaaaaa
Hi! Insha Allah soon ya!
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im so happy tengok kak anna dah byk berubah utk jd a better muslimah! keep istiqamah, may Allah bless u dear ^^
Alhamdulillah, thank you sweetheart!
Masih berusaha lagi. Doakan saya ya!
May Allah bless you too! <3
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macam mna nk naik kan semangat diri kalau cikgu2 asyik ketepikan kita?please..I need answer from you
Ketepikan as in what ya? Dia ignore dalam kelas ke macam mana?
Biasanya kan the teacher isn't the problem, it's us. Kalau cikgu tak approach awak, you're the one who needs to approach your teacher. Tunjuk that you really want to excel in that subject. Kena make effort lah, tak boleh expect cikgu nak bagi 100% perhatian dekat kita sebab you're not the only student s/he has.
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