Anna Khayalan @thekhayalan
Anna Khayalan @thekhayalan
20 & not perfect // I'm not that good, just sharing what's on my mind. Feel free to tell me whatever you have in mind, I'll try my best to answer. Insha Allah.
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I will say hi but next time. midterm break skrg 😅
Okies! Happy holiday! I'm on study week. I have 2 papers to face this weekend. Hehe
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How to be a famous stuff? Thanks.
Wrong question to a wrong person.
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Hi Anna, so now I am on my way to become an agent for a product. And I have no experience in posting parcels to people. Can you give me some tips or a visual about where can I get the posting sheet of paper, where do I get the plastics and stuff. Do I need to pay for those things, the packaging...
Hi. You can go to Poslaju. They will assist you.
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anna, what year were you born in? 😄
1995 👻
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lepas spm djlu you buat apa?
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Selalu beli outfit dkt mana?
Mana mana je yang jual baju cantik & affordable. I'm not really a shopaholic though.
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what is the best way to not letting someone affects your day when really all you gotta do is be happy with or without them beside you?
Don't think about it. Every time it crosses your mind, try to think about something else. Something happier :)
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Where do you get style inspiration from?
I just wear what I like, anything comfortable.
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your glasses brand apa?
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Assalammualaikum Anna, btw sye nk hadiahkan mai wife Baju Abaya(jubah). Nak beli kt mana ye? And mai wife suka yg labuh & longgar. Ada suggestion from instegerem mybe? Her befday near soon.
Waalaikumussalam. Anna list kan some affordable brands for you okay. Boleh cari dekat instagram jugak.
- Bella Ammara
- Imaanboutique
- Jubahsouq
- mmbasics
- anggunzara
- radiusite
Happy birthday to your wife!
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why so hebat t.t sucess dalam umuq yang sangat muda , i'm so envy
Don't be. Start writing your story now :)
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Assalamualaikum kak Anna! Soalan ni agak sensitif sikit but who cares. Macam mana nak kekalkan bilik kasi selalu kemas dek mak yg kemas? hahahaha kbaiii 💕👋
Waalaikumussalam. Haha soalan apa ni!
Senang je. Kemas sendiri, kalau kemas sendiri mesti tak sampai hati nak buat sepah sebab rasa macam"ugh penat penat aku kemas ni dah sepah".
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what do you think about right now?
A lot of random things. Like how excited I am to graduate next year, how awesome it would be when I finally got my first car later and how expensive the handbags I really love and how I should work harder so I can afford to buy them.
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hi kak anna.. i wanna ask something., how we want to score subject that we don't like most??
Do a lot of exercises. It would really help, no lie.
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Assalamualaikum sis anna. Just wanna ask. What product do you use for cleansing, toning and moisturising? Im gonna buy Cetaphil soon but i want to know which product is good for toning and also moisturising
Waalaikumussalam. I only use Orique, fully.
I use the gentle cleanser, toner & the gel moisturizer. Very expensive but the brand is the only one brand that works for my super sensitive skin.
As for you, I'd suggest using aloe vera gel as a moisturizer. If you want to use toner, you could look for Thayers. I heard a lot of good reviews about it even my housemate is starting to use it.
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do u think that love at first sight is possible?
Yes, I do. Love is unpredictable. It could even happen now as I'm answering this question.
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tips untuk move on?
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kak anna, can i have the recipe for detox juice yang u buat, sorry for burdening u
As a busy person, I drink infused water with lemon je selalu. Hahaha
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hi kak anna! mana nak cari organic coconut oil yg suits for dry hair?
Organic ones you could find them in the organic section kat supermarket je actually. Tak mahal pun, tahan lama lagi.
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Kak Anna , you is my idol . Em 😊 Suka tengok kak Anna pakai tudung labuh 😊 comel . I hope I can be like you.‎  Cik Polis ll Ummie ❤
Hi! Thank you so much! 😊
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saya dah bertunang. Dulu saya free hair selalu bagi gambar saya tak bertudung dan seksi dkt tunang saya. Skrng saya dah berhijab dn tunang sye masih lg nak gmbr sye mcm dulu. Apa patut saya buat?
Cakap dekat dia, "tunggu lepas kahwin."
He should respect who you are now and support you through out your new journey okay! Semoga terus istiqamah :)
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u slalu bersukan tak? sbb tgok u always kurus je
Not much, I do minor exercises sometimes like planking, push ups etc.
I do detox constantly and take care of my eating habits! No junk food and all :)
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Apa hubungan anna dengan dr danial? Nampak rapat hehe
Danial is my brother la! Haha I've known him since dia form 3.
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hi. i rsa i nampak u tadi depan lif kptm😌
Hai! Haha sorry late but you should've said hi!
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kak anna macam nak hilang kan parut jerawat kat muka , sebab muka saya sensitif
Drink more water & you could apply aloe vera on the scars too. There are also other tricks like, rubbing potatoes on the skin or lemon. Both works wonderfully!
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