ingatan saya sangat teruk sejak dua menjak ni, boleh tak bagi tips untuk kuatkan ingatan?

Banyakkan makan makanan sihat especially makanan sunnah- madu, kurma, kismis etc. Kebaikan dia banyak tau. So don't underestimate.

Kadang kadang kita mudah lupa sebab kita lalai jugak. Kena betulkan dekat a few parts there.

how to be your husband?

Pray hard.

Tinggi kak anna berape?

Saya pendek. So, rahsia. Tapi saya pendek.

I want to ask you. Bln 11 ni, I nak convo dah. And at the same time, I pernah gaduh dgn bestfriends I since sem 1. A bit upset, sedih at all. Sampai skrg tak contact lngsg. Mcm mana nak face mereka time convo nanti 😔

Forget the past.

Nanti bila jumpa diorang masa convo, act normal. You don't have to talk about it, I'm sure your bestfriends don't want to talk about it jugak. Just senyum, tegur, congrats them & try borak macam biasa.

It's okay not to talk about it. Janji jangan terus buat tak tahu je. Tak baik.

when you don't practice what you advocate, don't you think that makes you a hypocrite? you seem to preach to others to stay positive, but you aren't that positive yourself.

That's not fair for you to put it that way.

People come to me, seeking for help, motivation & advices. So I am doing my very best to help them in any way I could, even by just as simple as answering their questions.

I do practice what I preach, I always try to.

But I have my own bad days too.

And just like everyone else, sometimes doing it alone isn't enough to help me. We always need a little push from our surrounding.

Nobody's perfect. So, drop the expectation.

I don't know if you have answered this question before but are you good in maths?

I'm not that good but I'm not bad in Maths either.

Here's a story:

When I was in upper form. I never passed my Math Mode (ye, the whole 2 years including trial spm). But I was selected as one of mentors for Add Math subject. Terbalik kan? Tapi during SPM, I worked so hard for Math Mode papers. I called my friends over to teach me & I ended up getting an A- for the subject. My cikgu terkejut hahahahaha it was so funny. I was surprised as well but Alhamdulillah.

Point is, everybody can be good in something they're not good at if they work hard for it!

Hi kak anna, may i ask if u dont mind. Are you tired of juggling in between ur carrier and also studies? Bcs u seem so cool in multitasking in between those two!

Hi! Gila tak penat! Haha

There was this one time masa tu tengah final kot tak ingat but tomorrow exam, that night my friends and I were packing products for my customers sampai pagi. It was hectic sebab beratus barang kena bungkus. So glad I had them though.

It's really tiring tapi it's worth it. I don't really go for the money, this is true. I like the satisfaction, the thrill & experience, the feeling when my customers give me positive feedbacks on how much they like the products I'm selling. Dia macam achievement tau.

Other careers pun sama jugak. I love the experience so I won't give up any of it.

Tapi to be good at multitasking, you always have to know your priorities. That's how you will be able to manage your time wisely! :)

hello kak anna, what is your fav song?😚😚😚

Demi Lovato - Catch Me
Norah Jones - Good Morning
The Paper Kites - Featherstone
Linkin Park - Shadow Of The Day
Muse - Unintended
MCR - Disenchanted
Kodaline - The One
Arctic Monkey - Do I Wanna Know?
Hozier - Someone New
Mutemath - Spotlight
Prince Fox - Fragile
A7X - Dear God
Kiiara - Tennessee
Fickle Friends - Swim
Ruth B - Lost Boy

I have lotsssssss haha but these are some of the songs I often listen to. My fav artists & bands.

kak anna,i jenis hot-tempered.cepat je nak marah.dah cuba tahan dari rasa marah tapi susah.takleh tahan sgt mampu nangis je.camne nak deal ek?


Kalau rasa marah sangat sangat, ambil wudhu'. Minum air, baring or tidur.

Kita cepat marah due to stress. Our environment pun boleh jadi punca. That's why it is important to surround ourselves with positive people, so we could be positive too & think positive things & act positive as well.

There's good in every bad thing. So whenever you feel angry, try to think of happy things. Try to turn the thing that upsets you into something happy & positive. Look for it. Practice. You'll be able to manage your anger in no time.

Awak, boleh saya tahu macam mana kalau awak pakai mekap (even basic) bila keluar, and awak nak solat dekat luar. Awak guna apa untuk bersihkan mekap? (step by step pls). Thankyou for sharing ☺

Saya pakai make up yang tak waterproof, senang nak solat tak payah nak cuci make up & then lepas tu mesti nak pakai balik. Saya tak suka membazir masa haha. Tapi kalau ada pakai thick make up, saya cuci pakai make up remover - brand Purevivi, beli dekat Sasa. Mahal sikit but it suits my skin since it's very sensitive. Or nak senang, pakai wet tissue je! Ok jugak! :)

hi anna , can you give me some suggestions about how to face and deal with someone that have done something terrible to us but then act like she has done nothing , like she's only a victim and yaa keep acting like I'm the bad one while she's the nice and positive one

Hi. Let it be, one day the truth will be revealed & she will face the consequences from her action. As for now, you should move on and she will live with what she did.

When we hurt people, we won't be able to forget about it. We will feel bothered. Akan teringat je pasal tu. Senang cakap, tak tenang. Itu pentingnya hubungan sesama manusia. Kalau buat salah kena minta maaf.

Remember, Allah is fair so just leave it to him.

all else being equal, between a good rich man & a good poor man, who would you choose? (this is not a trick question. please answer honestly)

I don't really care if the man I'm choosing is poor or rich- either way, money can be earned with hard work.

You said both of them are good men.

Well, good is too general.

Truth is, I don't mind. I'm surrounded by a lot of good people but being good isn't what it's all about. What matters is the characteristics of that person-

The way he treats his parents and other people. Does he respect them? Does he talk to them in good manners?

Does he do good?
Is his relationship with his Creator is being well taken care of?

Patience. Tolerance. Sympathy. Etc.

Be a good person alone won't do. We always have to be more.

But if it involves feelings. Sometimes those things don't matter.

Because when you love, you just love wholeheartedly. You just don't care who it is because it just happens. Even it's not a good person, it doesn't mean you can't be good together :)

What was the last book you read without skipping through anything?

Pelukis Jalanan but actually the last book I read was Tarbiah Sentap 2 but I skipped a few pages haha so it doesn't count. 😂

hye kak ana, how to face people who always talk bad behind us ? do i have to act nice to her when i'm dealing with her like every single day ?

Hi. Yeah, let them be. People talk about other people all the time. The thing about us is, we tend to care so much about what people think & say about us. It's only good if you take those words as a motivation for you to mend yourself. Otherwise, learn to ignore. Kalau tak pandai ignore, start with being silent. Kalau orang cakap belakang, kutuk ke apa ke, diam je. There's no need for you to respond, it'd only trigger upcoming issues & dramas.

Be nice to everyone even if they don't treat you the same way. If you treat them as bad as they treat you, you're no different than them :)

kak anna, how to be a good multitasker?

Always know your priorities.

kak anna, bila kita dah mintak maaf dan orang tu masih lagi nak cari point utk bergaduh dgn kita kan, apa je yg kita boleh buat? sy stress bila berdepan benda ni. apa yg saya nak post dekat social media semua dia nak kaitkan dgn diri dia sedangkan saya tak tuju dekat sesiapa.

Kalau saya, saya ignore je. Kalau dia terasa, itu masalah dia. Tapi, awak pun kena jaga jugak- you can't just randomly tweet things without thinking or being too emotional . Maybe bukan untuk dia tapi dia terasa jugak. Kan dah bergaduh dekat situ?

My advice is- always think before you say/post something even if you don't mean it.

Dear Anna, I'm not sure if you're going to respond this but I'm too sure you'll read this. I used to ever felt like I envy you. But I know it's not such a good thing. So, now I know I like you because you are so matured and wise in living your life. So inspiring! Anna, I love you!

Hi! Thank you so much. I honestly don't think that I have anything interesting enough to feel envy for. My life isn't as perfect/amazing as you think it is but I'm still grateful anyhow. Thank you again! Love you too! :)

Anna sy baru kenal awak. Ramai org recommend sy suruh kenal awak 😂. What r u doing actually? (Kerja apa? Belajar apa? Etc)

Hi! Really? Hahaha macam macam tau.

Well, saya ada businesses, saya jual syariah compliance muslimah wear & sekarang tengah working on another project- skincare product to be launched in a month or two, insha Allah. Saya baru habis diploma, previous course was TESL (Teaching English as Second Language). For now saya tengah tunggu result upu, tapi kalau tak dapat insha Allah either going for swasta or tunggu for next upu intake sebab swasta macam mahal sangat huhu. Tu pun nak sambung TESL jugak. Saya macam multitasking. Saya belajar sambil buat bisnes sambil buat kerja kerja lain. At the same time, saya macam one of those social media influencers jugak- saya ada promote brands, events etc.

Saya memang buat banyak kerja haha.

So ok, itu lah saya. Kenal dah?

what is your secret to success? i mean you basically got everything. loving family, good heart, beautiful apperance, a success business. I hope you would write your own book one day abt ur life experi ces. ☺

My supportive parents are my pillar of strength. They're basically the ones yang motivate me & ada masa susah senang. Ada masa tu rasa nak give up sebab multitasking is extremely challenging. Kejap kena focus study, kejap business.

The most important thing is determination & effort je. Kena tungkus lumus & give up certain things to pursue your dream. Lepastu, doa lah dekat Allah. Buat something yang ada keberkatan, insha Allah boleh berjaya.

Not sure if anyone would want to read a book if I wrote one though! Anna suka merepek je hahaha.

anna org yg tepati jnji x? even klo org tu ad niat jht, buat jht or mmg jht dgn anna...still tepati jnji dgn org cmtu x?

Saya ni selalu lupa hahaha. Tapi biasanya kalau saya janji dengan orang, tak kisah lah apa pun memang saya akan cuba untuk tunaikan janji tu. Unless both sides setuju untuk cancel and what not. I always try to keep my words.

what is the benefit of drinking lemon water? biasanya you minum time bila?

Banyak, you can just google it!

Anna biasa minum pagi before breakfast, suam suam. Dia untuk detox & good for skin as well!

sye rse awk dgn mato pun sesuai hihi

Awak semua ni macam macam lah

kak anna! saya sedih 😭

Kenapa sedih? Senyum sikit! Whatever it is, keep it positive ok! :)

Salam,saya sebenarnya budak form 6 & akn amik stpm next year. Tapi saya rasa mcm malas dah nk simpan harapan nk masuk u sbb ada org cakap kalau result spm x elok susah sikit nk masuk u. Lagipun org tgok result spm &stpm sekali. Masalahnya,saya fail addmath n dpt D untuk math masa SPM.

"Gagal sekali tak bermakna gagal selamanya."

It's not impossible for you to get good results now & usaha untuk your upcoming STPM. Tak perlu fikir pasal result lepas lepas, focus on the present, on the one you're studying & have been preparing for. Yang penting, usaha je dan jangan putus asa. Tak kira lah awak nak pursue apa pun, kalau awak usaha memang boleh. Kena yakin & tawakal.

Jangan kisah apa yang orang tengok, apa orang cakap. Yang penting tu kita, yang nak belajar tu kita. Rezeki tu bukan datang dari diorang, rezeki Allah bagi. So usaha & mintak dari Allah. Ok? :)


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