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If not something already, what do you imagine will be the catalyst for video games as an entertainment medium to break away from the culture that founded it? I see so much good from video games, but following it as a medium is so disheartening due to what seems to be a continual infantile grasp.

I think it's already happened, as most people who enjoy video games don't really interact with the more unseemly parts of the culture. It's not like that many adults are sitting there arguing over review scores, most just read about games, buy them and enjoy them. I already think the vast majority of people who play games are pretty well adjusted, no matter what the vocal minority would have you believe.
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As it's Halloween, do you have any horror games you are fond of? Or maybe even just Halloween related games? (For those of us who, like me, dislike horror)

If you want a scary game, the first two Fatal Frame releases are absolute classics. If you don't like horror, you're not going to like them, because they're tense as hell. Some of my favorites, though.
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Do you watch most/all the trailers for a movie, or avoid at all cost and go in unspoiled?

I love trailers, and tend to watch them all. I love when one is edited very well. It's an art form.
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How many full size candy bars did you get for tomorrow night? Will you run out before the night is out?

I actually haven't done this yet, but I'll get it sorted tomorrow. I usually only need like 20 or 30 to get the job done. It's going to be tricky dealing with leftover since I'm trying to eat better, though!

Which youtubers or streamers do you like to watch?

Not many, honestly. It's just not my thing. Sometimes I'll see what's going on at Twitch when I'm in my Gear VR, but overall it's just not a scene I'm into.

I'm usually someone who is a first adopter, but VR scares me. There are just so many devices out there. What should I be looking for to know when to jump in and to which device?

Michael Polich
Just give it time. The consumer version of the Oculus Rift is months off. We don't have a release date for the Vive yet. The Gear is a month off. If you're nervous I'd wait until everything is out, see which system has the most games you want to play, and then dive in. Wait for reviews and impressions. It's VERY early days in VR yet, and things are going to change rapidly.
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What's your current go-to mobile timewaster, assuming you have one?

Prune. I find it really relaxing, and it's such a great concept for a game.

Have you ever tried to change how your mind works or how you think for the purpose of overcoming something you didn't like about yourself? What was it?

Dan Lavoie
Absolutely, I've been working out and eating better. I've dropped about 20 pounds and added a bit of muscle, which are two things I never thought I'd be able to do. It's been a really positive change for me.

Do have any hobbies that don't involve gaming or electronics? I know your working out now but I wondered what else you are into.

Dan Lavoie
I love flying. My wife always gets me day passes to fly helicopters, or planes, or gliders or skydiving. I love things that fly. Being up in the air is just the best, it feels amazing to me.
I also love theme parks. I love roller coasters and attractions and people in costumes. The whole idea of alternate realities and settings is really attractive to me. I love getting lost in other worlds in general.

The question probably doesn't seem dishonest to them; from the sounds of it, they've been on the receiving end of accusations they felt were not properly justified. This isnt a stage show where you shame people who are mistaken; their question is likely an apt one, to them, given their experiences.

K Myriad
I really don't understand why my opinion means this much to you, but I hope you have a great evening.

I am admittedly curious too; at best it seems like a statement of fact based on the observation that something could potentially be true. Noname's question wasn't written great, but it's kind of horrible for a pro writer to make fun of someone for that.

K Myriad
If having your intellectually dishonest questions pointed out online is the worst you deal with on social media, you're having a pretty great life.
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Could you please just answer the question: Why do you think multiple news outlets continue to claim that GamerGate doxxes and sends death threats to people despite the lack of any connection of these actions to GamerGate?

I love how this question is structured.
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For something different: Favorite pizza toppings, and has this changed with the shift to trying to be a healthier you?

Conan Ward
I stopped eating pizza! The few times I've gone back to it I make sure I only eat a piece or two and stick to just cheese, but pizza is kind of terrible for you as a meal so I try to avoid it as much as possible. I also have terrible self control and have issues stopping!
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1) This isn't a throwaway account, I made it in November of last year. 2) Why would this being a throwaway account change anything? Do you want my real name for some reason? 3) You still haven't answered my question and instead accused me of being afraid for some reason.

Well, in THAT case. :-)

What schooling in journalism or experience in print publications do you have which leads you believe you're a qualified source in the matter?

What's the matter, exactly?

It sucks that you answer obviously antagonizing questions about GamerGate but not my honest question about why journalists blaming GG for many things without a solid connection. I thought you said you wanted to ACTUALLY discuss ethics and gaming journalism.

Why does this question scare you so much you have to ask from a throwaway account?
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With the rise of inexpensive yet capable PC's and mobile gaming is there still a place for proprietary dedicated gaming console in the future?

Bit Game Reviews
Yep, people will always be interested in hardware that just works when you plug it in. Consoles are doing great this generation, I don't think they're going anywhere.


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