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When someone doesn’t take a chance with someone when they could, does that mean they’re not that interested?

The answer is in the question.. they could but they choose not too.. that’s what it is, move on

would you be hurt if your ex never wanted to see you again because of something you had done?

I guess what did you do..

Don’t date anyone with their first name ending with an “A” lol! They toxic af😂😂😂

So are you baby, so are you..

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I usually go to sleep at 7 AM isn’t it weird when everyone else is going to work I’m just getting ready to go to sleep 🤣

Ugh me too

My bm just dropped off my 1yo daughter with nothing that i bought for her. Yesterday she said she should've aborted her. Should I block her and buy baby all new stuff?

Omg what.. block that B and don’t give your daughter to her again!!

One I don’t like is when I like someone and I see them flirting and “playing” with other people. That’s a big turn off. Like why would you flirt with other people if you like me?

Yeah dude 1000% 👌

You can’t just turn it off you know who’s in your heart or you wouldn’t be here talking to me

Yeah.. true… it’s hard and tough..
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I honestly didn’t get a chance to know if we could be more than friends but I guess you gave up early

I had to give up..
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Should I stay with him? Things have been going well. We’ve been dating for 6m/been friends for 6m before that. We practically live together already. I asked about it today, but he said it’s too soon. He says he loves me more than anything, and we spend every day together. I just don’t understand.

You asked about what? Living together? Your not very clear in what your asking..
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