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I need this because I can’t control you. I need this over your head. Just like you had hacking over my head. Now I got something to control you with. I needed it, because you ruined my life and YOU DID NOT RESCUE ME.

I could use a rescue atm

Sometimes I just wanna say nah. He was cool. But he was just a lesson. And I know what I need to do now. Love isn’t calling my name anymore. God is trying to show me something. God put me on this earth to fix it. He manipulated me by using love as a motive

They say the lord works in mysterious ways
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How do you feel about Psilocybin becoming more accepted and legalized?

BritneyIsBack’s Profile PhotoOBII SHIINOBII
I think it’s wonderful. It’s effects have been shown to have great impact on ptsd and depression and addiction. A good trip is a truly unique experience.

Do you believe being vulnerable is a weakness or a strength? Why?

By definition it is open to weakness. It’s a strength if you can use vulnerability to demonstrate trust and shore up defenses

What are some things you would change about me — it could be anything to my personality to my actions to my physical features

I can’t change anyone. People can only change themselves

Since I’ve been through those things at a young age, I can, now that I’m older, easily tell the difference between someone who is on their Ps and Qs. Which mood their in. I can predict what they’re going to say. I can tell if they are truly willing to help me or not. Like your craft, I have my own

Good. Play to your strengths

When I was younger I never got along with my parents. When I give into my soul, I suffer a little but I’m making sacrifices so I can get what I truly desire. I’ve been running away from it for years because sometimes it gets too hard

That sounds terrible. At least you realize the error and can adjust accordingly

Realistically if the base of your ideals is flawed then in origin your ideals are flawed. Will you do the right thing and change them or stick to them out ego and pride?

TrishaMalqui’s Profile PhotoTrishaMalaqui
I’m flexible

So who are all these people who are asking weird ass question and saying they love and miss me and they wanna kiss me. I need answers

brendamiddleton8’s Profile PhotoBrenda Middleton
It’s the nature of this app. Don’t let your head trick you. There are oddly specific questions tho

If you had a million dollars how would you spend it?

30% to kids
10% to debt
10% to housing
50% to business

It’s been a long time coming but my new audiobook, Dark Roux by Toby LeBlanc is now for sale!!!! Amazon, Itunes, Audible. Buy it now…..please….please buy it, PLEASE!!!

What’s the book about?

Do you think being an atheist makes one stronger, weaker or that it doesn’t effect their inner strength and will to live?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Your strength can come from anything you can take it from. A lot of atheists become believers when presented the face of death

I’ve been saying my prayers and they have been answered and I know exactly what I need to tell you in this moment. The cop told me something that I forgot and I need to help you realize something

What is it you overlooked?
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Would you give me everything I asked for whenever I wanted it?

I don’t control everything, and what are willing to become and how can you pay it forward?

How did you handle being catfished?

anonymouscow68381’s Profile PhotoKaty Z
I was butthurt abiut it at first. Then attempted to gather information. The rabbit hole is deep and close to home in such a way I’m going to let the issue address itself simply to gauge character of people I’ve helped and broken bread with.
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Have you ever been “catfished”? If so, what was your experience like?

anonymouscow68381’s Profile PhotoKaty Z
I think so. Was more like being hustled than anything else I suppose. I’ve kind of just let it go and decided to let karma handle it and hope their consequences are consistent. I ain got the energy to deal with anything as far as retribution at the moment. Die cold and lonely for all I care


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