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Can ya’ll clarify something? Unless im tripping, Questions on personal are questions someone asked you specifically and not sent out to everyone. Correct me if im wrong?

FuqYuPayM3’s Profile PhotoEmpressSha
Wrong they are sent to everyone its a general question usually

I used to think you were the smartest guy alive. But you are now the dumbest guy I know.

You know you submitted this as a public question?

Do you collect anything? I collect country’s currencies & magnets 😌

I collect dollars with unique codes on them cards games lots of silly stuff

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder or does it radiate from within? What if we wouldn’t really know whats beautiful if the media didn’t shove the idea of beauty down our throats? What is beauty in it’s essence and why are we so obsessed with it?

mayaembers1’s Profile Photoxoxoxo
Beauty is what inspires us to be more than what we once were

Ever felt like you are not compatible with anyone?

Nope this has happened both ways so many times im just glad to be able to have conversations that are normal at this point
Ever felt like you are not compatible with anyone

Are you happy with your self growth over the years?

Sometimes other times I feel like im wanting to move too fast for my own good

Take it or leave it? A wallet/purse left in a public restroom?

TheBeardedLumper’s Profile PhotoA-a-ron!
Take it leave it report it post it online and much more is the right thing to do checking for an I.D. as well obviously


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