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Ever felt like you are not compatible with anyone?

FreshICYGirl’s Profile PhotoG4l4xy
Nope this has happened both ways so many times im just glad to be able to have conversations that are normal at this point
Ever felt like you are not compatible with anyone

Are you happy with your self growth over the years?

chicasparks’s Profile PhotoJesse
Sometimes other times I feel like im wanting to move too fast for my own good

Take it or leave it? A wallet/purse left in a public restroom?

TheBeardedLumper’s Profile PhotoA-a-ron!
Take it leave it report it post it online and much more is the right thing to do checking for an I.D. as well obviously

Are these sent to random people?

Moonchild81’s Profile PhotoMoonchild81
Kind of its sent to people who it will be relative or related to for them to answer the people you get are based off similar interests

Do you consider yourself smart?

mtaubs_fitness’s Profile PhotoMichael Taub
How do you define smart I consider myself wise I enjoy learning and hearing things out but most consider smart being subservient and kind/friendly which I am neither unless im getting paid haha like most people

😂🤣 Why do you get so upset because my opinion is different from yours? Babe, neither of us is wrong or right. Your strong view still doesn't make it a fact ..😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️

BebiBellaXOxo’s Profile PhotoBebiBellaXOxo
Depends on the opinion . . .
Just cause you call something an opinion doesn't mean its justifiable either but im sure you already knew that . . .

Had to get that off my chest. I didn’t give up cause I wanted to. Remember that.

PrincessTami29’s Profile PhotoPrincessMermaid
I understand you may be going through a rough time dont give up cause things don't go as planned you have a entire life ahead of you to enjoy :)

(sent on 12/16/21) what are your thoughts on bo burnham?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
Very interesting comedian does a good job making punchlines and stories that go no where but he has fallen a bit flat in my opinion in his more recent stuff


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