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As a woman do you like when the man you're with gives you extra special attention or do you find it annoying / turn off?

I don’t require extra attention but more than bare minimum attention if that makes sense

Would you forgive someone who habitually lies about everything?

I will forgive em but be utterly disgusted with them.

So when the traffic light 🚦 turns yellow, do you gun it and tries to beat the red light?

No, I keep my speed and ride thru it 😎

You’ve got 3 wishes

1) I wish I were financially free for the rest of my life.
2) I wish my brother would have never gotten murdered.
3) I wish I could have 10 more wishes.
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How would you feel if you found out months or even years later that someone put a chip in your brain and have been monitoring every thought that you ever had since?

The question is, how would they feel 🤣

What is the best relationship advice

Never let a person tell you they don’t want you more than once. And believe them the first time.

How do you go about with self love / self healing from past trauma?

Get some rest
Stay off of social media for atleast 60days
Read a book about self help
Talk to someone anonymously about things that don’t make sense to you while you’re trying to gain an understanding, but don’t be overbearing
Watch videos about how other people conquered their past traumas
Learn and practice a new skill
Talk to animals, babies, and elderly people, they teach you things about yourself
And spend money on things that make you happy when u get a extra money.
Make to do lists everyday and tackle them one day at a time… etc..

Have you ever made friends with someone who was mean to you at first?

Often. I fight rudeness with kindness most times and they realize the idiot they are. Win-win 🦾

How do you react to fake friends and family using you?

Isolation. It sounds like u care of people get mad about u saying no. Practice saying no. You don’t owe anyone anything. They have the same 24 hours as u. There are several things one can do to make some money or get from point a to point b.

Ban forced child support because I say so. Big brother does not force women to do any thing.

That’s crazy… every woman isn’t on welfare, every woman doesn’t recieve child support (even though they not making babies by masturbating), and most women I know work and have degrees… so, why u hating on the woman population? Weird ass

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