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People are always scared of the unknown you can’t handle my love

Lucky for you, I don’t want love, I want money 🤣 love don’t love anybody for real

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Are you afraid to be your true self around others? Why?

Yes. Because I feel like when u feel good and confident around others, it disturbs their spirit. I get more hate from others when I’m happy.

2 things I’ll never be okay with is being lied to and getting my time wasted❗️

I hate it too. But unfortunately that’s what majority of people we meet, do.
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Could you date someone who has mental issues?

Yes. But I have a limit to what ima put up with. I don’t believe in domestic violence. And one of my ex’s had mental issues and use to stress me out for no reason. I left him and he use to stalk me and call my phone leaving disturbing messages threatening to kill me and my child. It’s too risky, but if the person is working on getting help I can work with that

What’s your Chinese order you usually get?

Lo mein, chicken, shrimp, vegetables. Idk what it’s called tho. Also, crab cheese and egg rolls on the side.

I was told to never trust a girl with a boy "best friend"...... What do you think of this?🤔

That’s insecure of you. People are people and just because we get along with someone more than an average person, doesn’t mean it’s sexual attraction there.

Do you lose your temper easily?

Not easily. I’m TOO patient, but when I do, it takes alot to calm me down. People will push you to the limits.

Who is your hero?

Me. I’ve saved myself from even people I thought were my hero with the help of God. Some “heroes” are actually ….
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