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How to be a high value woman to a man

Treat him like a king only when he treats you like a queen. Men will lower their standards just to fit their needs so they don’t have to take accountability and grow up
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I dislike my current company as I am working there for 3 months. The upper mgt are very micromanaging. Sometimes I use my phone a while using office hour, the lady boss will stop me. I want to leave this place ASAP. Can I leave ASAP without notice?

Probation is 3 months. You can leave so long it’s not over 3 months. The moment you are considered a full-time employee, notice is always required

Do you find it annoying when people rush into the train?

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10000000000000%. I will purposely raise my voice and say “these people dk how to wait is it?” for them to hear because it’s not just inconveniencing people but it could cause injury when you CANNOT FUCKING WAIT

“Id rather help the needy rather than be rich and selfish” - thoughts?

That help that you offer will come back to you when you need it, without a doubt

Oh I'm so into marriage. I can't live life without someone by my side. I like to make use of my wife to do household and all I do is watch TV like a potato couch. Life is easy for me.

That woman deserves better. Once she’s had enough, that’s when you’ll regret it 😉

Every time I see someone posted online of their graduation saying "wouldn't survive without y'all" kinda make me little jealous cos I don't have any trusted friends and have to go through things by myself. Friends seems to be a luxury in uni that I can't earn.

You haven’t seen the world. Uni friends may or may not last. Just like your sec school friends or pri school. When you go out to the world, there will be colleagues who will become your friends and those friends will be a luxury to you. Uni can be tough alone but get through it. It’ll be your battle story 🥰

What are some effective ways to discipline a wife if she refuses to follow her husband’s rules?

You’re not a king to be disciplining your wife. She’s not a kid. She could be a mum with kids to take care of and all you can think of is to discipline her? …….

Which is more painful? The loss of someone who's no longer around or the loss of someone who's still around?

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The latter of course


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