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Can I join the hypothetical Flip Flappers dub hype train?

Syon Santeria

Choo choo.

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Since Mother's Day is this month, who are some of your favorite Sentai moms from anime?

Jefferies Herrera

Both of them come from Parasyte -the maxim-. Why are anime moms so rare?

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If could, please put high school of the dead and no game no life on Toonami


Great idea, but that is actually Toonami's decision. Make sure you tell them that you want those shows :) We're certainly not opposed to the idea!

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You said you'd reveal some new dubs if your FB page reaches 100k likes, if you don't reach that goal when can we expect those announcements to come?


We have faith. But if we don't reach it, it means you guys will have to wait more.

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Can you please consider dubbing Grimoire of Zero and Atom: The Beginning, I think both of these anime are cool and fun. Both need more attention in my opinion!


Thanks for the suggestions! Still early in the season, but we love those two.

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Senpai How are you? If you have the change to make a wish to NOEL (from celestial method) What would it be?...Silly question I know right? XD I love this anime a lot it's so sweet and different at the same time. So glad you picked it up! ^__^ You are my heroes! -blushes-

Ivan Ampuero

Any wish... well, we like free food quite a bit (as noted). We'd make a wish that everyone, everywhere could have access to free food because food and water are the best. We'd also wish for a second season of........ (insert your favorite anime that needs a second season here)

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Flip Flappers needs a dub! So does Chihiyafuru and Haikyuu, if you don't mind : )

Matthew McCall

Suggestion noted. Thank you!

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Ohmygosh a Flip Flappers dub would be incredible! Then I could focus on its beautiful animation! I don't know if you guys take online suggestions but that would be such a gift.

Rei Than

Suggestion noted. Thank you. No promises, but suggestion noted.

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I'd also like to show my support for a dub for Flip Flappers and maybe a fancy box set. :D


For the current season... who is best girl?


Zero from Grimoire of Zero. Hands down. Dangerous and adorable.

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Do you guys ever go back and release/redub shows you already released? If so, a SNAFU re-release would be super awesome! While I'm here, I'm going to join the Flip Flappers dub collective, that would be something I'd purchase!


Thank you for joining the FLIP FLAPPERS choo choo train. For your other question, in the past, we re-released Maid-sama with a dub, so it's always a possibility.

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PLEASE say yes, i'm begging you, will Flip Flappers have a premium boxset or at least a collectors ED? with all the beautiful artwrk or artbook etc? you know like your No game No life an monster musume premium boxsets, the japan ver came with all those beautiful goodies, so SFW and US TOO RIGHT!!???

sajin kisaragi

Thank you for the suggestion, but we cannot guarantee a yes, especially not on It's a great show, but we cannot confirm details on future releases on this platform.

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will you guys ever release a standard edition blu-ray of love, chunibyo & other delusions for season 1 or 2? i really want to see them dubbed but lost my chance with the first season

josh terry

Thank you for the suggestion, but no news on that at this time.

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What is probably your favorite anime that is a slice of life comedy that you guys licensed?

Fig Natoli-Guevara

TANAKA-KUN IS ALWAY LISTLESS!!! Actually... it's really hard to choose, but we were watching Tanaka-kun this morning, so we'll go with that.

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Who's your favorite character from Kiniro Mosaic?

Fig Natoli-Guevara

Still have a thing for Shinobu. Love how level headed she is in the midst of all the moe.

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Describe yourself in 3 words!

Anime. Anime. Anime.

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How would you guys feel if I bought myself the Premium box set for No Game No Life? even though you guys already gave me copy of the regular blu-ray version as an early birthday present the year before last before you guys went to anime Expo that year.

Rachael Lynne Sadlier

Go for it! There are a lot of goodies in there you'll enjoy.

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Can we expect some big news at Anime Expo this year now that all of #TheDubsAreComing titles have been released/have a release date?

Gregory Guillen

#NoSpoilers Watch and find out :)

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Idea of the day!

Idea: We're going to miss our Food Wars! takeover on the Sentai shop. It's been fun. We should do more takeovers... what should be next?

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Not a question but, I have only seen 2 episodes of "WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?", and I love it! If you happened to acquire it and give it the dubbing and the amazing Sentai box set treatment, I would preorder it ASAP. Love all of your work!!!

Nick Leininger

Aw. Thank you for the suggestion! It's not our title though.

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I was wondering why the terminology/names in the Girls und Panzer Anzio OVA dub are different to the series dub; "sensha-dou" instead of "tankery" for example. It's not a big deal but it's a bit of a shame; the series and OVA don't match up.


As the audience matures, so can our localizations, hence why words like "chunibyo" and "senpai" can make it into a English dub. The Anzio OVA AND the movie (dubbed around the same time) used "sensha-dou" to be truer to the original Japanese source. We still use #tankery on social media though because it's a fun word.

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Could you guys release Gunsmith Cats for a DVD/BD release please. I remember you guys release it back in the old days of ADV.

Michael Phipps

That title is not licensed by Sentai Filmworks, but happy to know that you're interested in seeing it get re-licensed! Thanks for the suggestion.

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What is the chivalry of a failed knight dub cast? (Also my birthday is coming up) people are waiting for the answer.

Mason Running

You'll hear about the dub cast this week. Happy early Birthday. Don't be a Stella with your cake.

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Just to let you know Food Wars has multiple seasons and some ovas. I know a Third season will air in July 2017. Will you license and dub the other 2 seasons as well?

Naftali Poritz

In general, if we dub a show's first season, we tend to dub the subsequent season.

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Will the Food Wars CE contain the recipes from the anime?


Unfortunately not. :(

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