Ask @SentaiFilmworks:

Just want to say I love what you guys did with Ushio and Tora the dub is fantastic but I just wanted to know why did you guys give Hakumen a Male voices ? shes supposed to be a female ?

Spoke to the director about this. Since Hakumen is the embodiment of hatred and fear in general, the character technically don't have a gender.

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Is there any particular reason Food Wars (possibly other shows) doesn't seem to have any of the on-screen Japanese text translated (at least when watching the dub)? It kinda bugs me. Maybe it's different on the blu rays but that's at least how it is on HiDive.

Try it now. You should see the on-screen Japanese text on HIDIVE now. If you don't, please report the issue to HIDIVE.

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Any future plans on trying to make a Monster Musume season 2? I love how you guys brought it to life.

Nathan Kozak
We don't make Season 2's of anime, and we usually find out when the public does if there will be a subsequent season of a particular title. Would we pounce on MonMusu Season 2 like crazy people? Yes. Absolutely. Let's pray to the monster waifus that it comes true.

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