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What would you do if you woke up in Jurassic Park?

DrAnonStar12376148’s Profile Photo♚ ♔ ӨMZ ♔ ♚
Ok so that's a more likely survivable situation. I would try to be as safe as possible by living in an abandoned structure and wait for the government to accidentally find me

What's your favourite sport? Did you play any as a child? ⚽

amycheetham09’s Profile PhotoAmy Rose
I used to play for a cricket team as a kid. However, haven't really played since

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Before phones, life was so different.People barely look up from their phones these days .It's quite sad really.Who agrees?

Yep and you're also part of the problem now 😂

i am sorry to hear some of you have childhood trauma, i hadn't thought of that before asking. i am so happy that my childhood was filled with love and i was spoit to infinity and beyond. it's sad that some of you can't relate

Trust me, you would envy me
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Unpopular opinion. We wouldn’t have freedom if men didn’t fight for us. Men’s mental health doesn’t get talked about enough

alexsummers254’s Profile Photoalex summers x
Hey Alex! I appreciate you looking out for mens mental health. Means a lot
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Boy I like the way you're moving feeling all the things you're doing, got me twisted in the grooving, I like the way you love me. Boy you make me feel somebody got the chills to rock the body, call me up and put it on me, cause I love the way you loooove meeee

This better be my girlfriend sending this. If it ain't. You best make like a tree and get the hell out of here 😂

No one's stupid enough to buy coins.

Tell that to the people who buy them 😂. Yep unfortunately people do and I still don't know why.

Hey how are you ☺️ you tell me anything ml ❤️ don't be scared to share anything

Sorry an anon cannot be trusted.

Is it bad that I'm feeling really lonkey and that there is nobody that actually gets me

A lot of people feel that way. I did at one point. It's normal

How long have you known your oldest friend and how did you meet?

amycheetham09’s Profile PhotoAmy Rose
I've known them for 19 years. It was an evolution. I hated the person at the start but then started realising that years went by, and they were the only person I spoke to

I don't want a job, I want to frolic in the grass and pet a toad and nap on a blanket outdoors and be awaken by the sounds of birdies.

Sounds like you want to be a princess 😂

Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you'll save, better lock it in your pocket, takin' this one to the grave. If I show you then I know you, won't tell what I said, cause two can keep a secret if one of them is d3ad.

If you stop being anon I will 😂


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