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Hey potential girlfriend, this is me, my personality & my life so don’t try to f*cking change me. You’re my girlfriend not my mom. Thanks. 🙄

Then maybe bring better qualities to any relationship you get into. No girl wants to have to constantly pick up after a dude and continuously remind him to do the things he should already be doing.

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Body positivity my A$$! I’m sick & tired of people saying embrace my fatness. FU! I’m fat & I’m not healthy. Got it biatch? 😡🤮

You seem a bit pressed

Have you ever had a female dentist with a “Man-hand”? 🦷 Omg 😳!

Everyone has man hands if you look long enough

if $4,000 was deposited into your cashapp what will you use it for??

shsdfj483’s Profile Photocash app
I would use some to get a few cosplays I’ve wanted to do, then some for Harry Potter Collectibles, some for a cute gaming room setup, and then use some to take my navy husband on a little vacation

Should states declare independence from each other like Blue states vs Red states and form their own countries?

Texas should have stayed it’s own republic.

Do you have a friend who’d be there regardless whether your up or down & out in life? Who?

No. I don’t have any friends

Girls, What if your future husband doesn’t want to work because he is lazy, wtf are u gonna do about it?😨

My husband ain’t that now so

Back in HS & middle school, how often do u bully the weak? R U Proud of it? TF!😳😨🤔🙄

I was bullied LOL

When do you want to get your own super rich sugar daddy?

For my time you’re gonna have to Venmo me tribute

Nowadays it is normal to shove down one’s beliefs, politics, opinions and principles down on people’s throat. How often do you do that sh*t? Why and wtf 😳?

Yeah I don’t do that.


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