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Hello, dear fans of Libor Milian in the communities, and especially those who send their phone numbers from the USA, UK, Germany, Latvia, etc. or even P. Ivory Coast, Egypt, Pakistan. Carol, Judy, Francis and more more. In one videoclip, Singer Libor Milian will call you via Skype. But not all of them, only a few fans who send their phone numbers. So be on the lookout, you never know when Libor Milian will call you via Skype. Fingers crossed for the chosen phone number. and their owners.

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Вот и подошли выходные к концу, завтра снова рабочая неделя...? А как Вы провели эти замечательные деньки? Доброй ночки?

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Говорят, что в жизни нужно попробовать всё. Есть ли вещи, которые никогда не попробуешь?

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Мы не знаем, у нас нет времени с таким количеством обязательств.Вы уже можете слушать песни BB songs через Retro Fm на Sky.ee Песня „Wounded Heart“ уже должна звучать вокально на новых радиостанциях sky.ee Кроме того, он должен выйти и на российские радиостанции, так как некоторые его композиции уже доступны.Тефас Фм Радио Ру, Радио Борнео.ру и другиеА также в других странах..
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34QjLAa-aSMTheRealLiborMilian’s Video 168600079208 34QjLAa-aSMTheRealLiborMilian’s Video 168600079208 34QjLAa-aSM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0GbQQepz3ATheRealLiborMilian’s Video 168600079208 Y0GbQQepz3ATheRealLiborMilian’s Video 168600079208 Y0GbQQepz3A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqZbL_0QUU4TheRealLiborMilian’s Video 168600079208 xqZbL_0QUU4TheRealLiborMilian’s Video 168600079208 xqZbL_0QUU4
Говорят что в жизни нужно попробовать всё Есть ли вещи которые никогда не


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Artist Bio Libor Milian in Electronic Mix Radio Uk Top 2000
Libor Milian (17.05.1985) He became famous in the world for his music.He was most famous for BB Songs and You left away.These are the radio hits that made him famous in the world.And yet it helps mainly children in collections like Unicef and One name One Child, but also elsewhere.But it also helps animals and older people.
As an Artist, he became in many countries with the song You left away and BB Songs, which reached a total of 7 No.1 and 22 places in the music charts. And a completely new CD Album Wounded Heart is being prepared, which will also include a video for this pilot song from his new CD Album.
Libor Milian to focus on her Artist career.The BB Songs song debuted a the Dance Charts Top 20 in the Estonia.During this time, he signed a new record deal with Sony Music.Libor Milian released his song You Left Away in year 2015.However, this tragic song was tragically collected by many musical placements in the charts.This song and the other is played on many radio stations around the world.

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Artist Bio Libor Milian in Electronic Mix Radio Uk Top 2000
Libor Milian


CD Singels Wounded Heart by Artist Libor Milian most anticipated in September 2022 in these countries
8.United Kingdom
15.Czech Republic
Radio stations 42 and new 5 Radio stations
Clothes and other items with Wounded Heart by Artist Libor Milian
CD Singels Wounded Heart by Artist Libor Milian most anticipated in September


The new Libor Milian Secondary Private School could be opened in 2-3 years.
Libor Milian Secondary Private School will focus on fashion, languages, business activities, but also other subjects, at the beginning of the new project, 4 classes should be divided into 1.A 1.B 1.C 1.D and school kitchen. be sure to get new jobs at this school such as principals, class teachers, cooks, cleaners. Some loved ones will certainly be pleased that they do not have to build them in schools sooner, but even better, that this school will have prestige. Artist Libor Milian with the Selena Gomez category.
The new Libor Milian Secondary Private School could be opened in 23

В какой стране любит загорать твоя жопа?😐

Libor Milian
Dance . Trance . Pop . Electronic . Country . Folk . Alternative
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Radio stations which play Libor Milian online
BB Songs
Electronic Mix Uk Radio Top 2000
BB Songs
Electronic Dance music
BB Songs
My Mix
You left away
American House Hits
BB Songs
Тефас Фм Ру Радио
Libor Milian Top Songs
1.BB Songs
2.You left away
4. 5.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34QjLAa-aSMTheRealLiborMilian’s Video 169559595368 34QjLAa-aSMTheRealLiborMilian’s Video 169559595368 34QjLAa-aSM


TheRealLiborMilian’s Profile PhotoLibor Milian Wounded Heart ✔
Привет, я рад встретиться с вами с вашей радиостанции.Даже из вашей страны, Эстонии, где был мой хит BB Songs.Очень успешно.Но теперь у меня будет новое издательство.И я буду счастлив, если вы будете работать со мной.Как и еще одна из русскоязычных радиостанций.Даже с моим новым хитом «Wounded Heart». Работа ведется и снова будет выпущена новая коллекция одежды для других моих фанатов, как в https://urbandictionary.store/search?q=Libor+Milian+ Теперь на моем сайте.Что ж, спасибо тебе. https://dfm.pleier.ee/

Мне всегда говорили: "Вырастешь поймешь". Я вырос, но я так ничего и не понял, кто-то что-то понял когда вырос?🤥

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He answered your questions yesterday @aninstar77786
Tefas.ru Radio.net
Libor Milian will release the CD Singel Wounded Heart for the pilot CD Album Wounded Heart this year. After the success of the song You left away and BB Songs.
That year and summer was special, but we are in contact. We even became friends with Libor Milian.
Libor Milian clothing on sale, but CD Singel Wounded Heart not yet.
It's been a few years since You left away by @LiborMilian1
Nomination for songs You left away at Lyrics Awards and Biography Libor Milian
Estonia // Libor Milian
BB Songs
Disappointment came for all fans, whether in our lives or with a pandemic.Just as the CD Singel Wounded Heart should be released, which should be a prelude to the new CD Album Wounded Heart.But so far, clothes are being sold in stores, although not under their own brand, under which the clothes of this particular Artist should already be available.
https://vk.com/id290504295 Libor Milian
This year, Libor Milian will appear in several interviews for the new CD Singel Wounded Heart and clothes.
"Sometimes I think after everything I do for people it comes back to me in a good way, but the opposite is in life."
Biography, Lyrics, Articles about Libor Milian, nominations and awards.

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Мне всегда говорили Вырастешь поймешь Я вырос но я так ничего и не понял ктото


В России стартовали продажи iPhone 13 и пропал Доширак. Совпадение? Не думаю!

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Libor Milian-BB Songs
Selena Gomez-Tell Me Something I Don't Know
Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas Is You
В России стартовали продажи iPhone 13 и пропал Доширак
Не думаю


TheRealLiborMilian’s Profile PhotoLibor Milian Wounded Heart ✔
Miss Suzan (21) who is going to get engaged to the Personality of Music and Fashion and Traditional Cooking with Libor Milian (36) LiborMilian1’s Profile PhotoArtist 7 # 1
It's unbelievable what the young girls around Artist Libor Milian have been doing lately, as we know that the first collection of clothes and things has already been released on Mtv Urban, Amazon, Discounts and other Libor Milian E-Shop. The most expensive sweatshirt is on Amazon for more than 60 US dollars. As you know, this young lady also has friends who already adore Libor Milian. If Covid 19 allows them to do so during the summer, they would like to be in the Italian city of Venice, where Libor Milian wants to ask for the hand of this young lady. Although she received word from England that people were also asking for the CD Vinyl Wounded Heart. Suzan is still in family quarantine. Her father should get away with this. (Not in the hospital) Like her friends, he tasted his cooking and baking.

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Miss Suzan 21 who is going to get engaged to the Personality of Music and

Snap 👻

Mandy897 in Belgium in Job and Born Ukraine Admin @thereallibormilian New News,Music,Clothes and more more more New Profile Artist Libor Milian in Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgQ8zWvTR27Vr-xDrecLzJQ


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