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I have no fake manipulated evidence and have minded my business and have left you alone. You need to do the same for me.💙

I would never want someone who doesnt want me

Do you think you truly treated me too good or did I treat you too good? Truly. Honest. Please

I totally was too good to you but you deserved it

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What would you do if you see your partner cheating?

already happened i actually cared about them so i was hurt. I just left i cant make u love me and i dont want to force someone to be with me it just sucks because nothing hurts worse then loving someone and them not loving you back

Why is it that a guy will show interest in you… want to see you… then all of a sudden switch it up

Because we suffer from ADD but like an Asshole version that makes us want little effort with instant gratification. I also am not sure but i do know that if a man does that he wasnt for you anyway. Your worth it hun dont cheat urself

How did you know you found your forever person? The one you're going to grow old with.

You know that no matter what happens they got you like you got them its that feeling of being comfortable and safe that you can share silence together nothingness and thats perfectly fine because you have each other

Do you ever lie about where you are REALLY FROM???

Why its all about where your r not where you were from


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