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I'm not a perfect person There's many things I wish I didn't do But I continue learning I never meant to do those things to you And so, I have to say before I go That I just want you to know…

Keep smiling
Never Quit
And don't forget that you're the best
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Mehboob Aur Amrood Me Ek Baat same Hai. Kab, Kis Waqt Keera Nikal Aaye Pata Hi Nahi Chalta.. :-D

Wohi keera aj yahan tk ly aya

Jab Mobile Se Balance Aur Rishton Se Piyar Khatam Ho Jaye To Log "Game" Khelna Shuroo Ker Dete Hen..!

Dil bharne ki dair ha bs
Bahany mil he jaate hain


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