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Would you go to the movie theater and pick a movie that doesn’t really interest you just because you like the experience of going to one and having movie theater popcorn?

Its fun to be out the house

Why u watching me?

The man I watch , I try to see his face everyday even though I can't be there in person 🌹

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Does it make sense for me to keep to myself and not say anything to the guy that I was interested in, knowing that I wouldn’t abandon my religious beliefs or change my lifestyle just to be with him? Saying I didn’t like him would be a lie but making him believe that it’ll work is leading him on.

I understand how you feel, but you shouldn't have to change who you are to please others. A real man will respect who you are despite differences. You not changing them... Sad situation😔

Why do others seem to have it easier than me when it comes to finding love? I’ve been called ugly before and no guy has ever walked with me to places or went out of their way to make me happy, unlike the other girls I saw who’d get princess treatment from guys who were interested in them.

I always felt that way for years
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Is it unusual for a female to have the same first name as her mother?

Just like boys are named after their dad

Do you ever have people pleasing tendencies, especially when you’re trying to make friends or are in search of a romantic partner?

That problem gets you hurt

Example: If your partner’s fetish is you wearing granny panties, would you wear one?

Would you wear a man thong for yours ?

I saw a video of a mother dog that was chained up who bit her puppy enough to cause physical harm and they thankfully took the puppy away from the mother. Why would a dog do that to her own puppies?

The animal kingdom is messed up too
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