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Oh, guys! I know this clinic! This’s a popular destination among infertile couples last time. it’s not our choice. But we’ve heard a lot. My best wishes! Keep doing your good Job! Since when have you been established?

Thank you for such a beautiful message! We have been helping infertile couples all over the world for 15 years already! :)

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May the customers select the donor? ‘cause honestly it’s a crucial thing.

Well, of course, it is, and yes, if you want to have egg donation as a part of your treatment you will be given an access to our donor database and some time (usually it is 2 weeks) to choose approximately 5 preferable donors. :)

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And what’s the way to contact you? who will talk with me if I apply to the clinic?

The best way to contact our clinic is by messaging directly one of our managers, but you can also contact us by Viber, Facebook or even call us. Anyways, in the end, you will be communicating with your manager by e-mails and she will be consulting you.

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Good afternoon! Blastocyst – what is that? and what'z the sense of using it in your medical practice?

Blastocyst is an early stage of embryo development. Usually, embryos are cultured for 5 days till they become blastocyst when it is a lot easier to select the best quality embryo. :)
Many clinics now offer blastocyst transfer as it boosts the chances of successful pregnancy.

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Can I buy Success Package if I am 53 and I had 6 failed IVFs with donor eggs?

Hello! One can possibly opt for this particular package, however, our managers usually show the tests results and the medical history to one of our specialists and then our clients are having an ultrasound check up at their free initial consultation.
But there is a chance that you will be advised to go for surrogacy after 6 failed ivfs with donor eggs. This is our doctors' job to tell what's best for you. :)

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Do we need to take any docs with us if we want to apply for an egg donation in your clinic?

Yes, of course! You should have the results of your karyotype, serology tests, your hormone levels, the letter from your supervising doctor that you can carry a child and get pregnant and that you can undergo stimulation. Also, you would have to send us or bring here your medical history.
For further information contact please our Egg Donation Manager - Yaryna. Here is her e-mail -

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Where do your clients come from?

Oh, they come all over the world, that's why we have that many different branches and departments that work with clients from a number of different countries. :)

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The building really looks not bad. Pass my applauses to your photoeditors. So what procedures do u offer?

We offer different kinds of treatments! Such as IVF egg donation and gestational surrogacy, but of course, if you have some additional questions or demands our manager can potentially help you with them. :)

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How old is your clinic?

Hello! Our clinic has been working for about 15 years already! :)

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Hello! Me and my husband are from Brazil and we are very interested in your surrogacy program, but we can´t see your database egg donors because this page in your site is not opening for us! How can we see it please? Thanks!

Hi! Thank you for contacting us!
To see our donor database you should be one of our clients, that means you should sign a contract (for surrogacy in your case) and right after that your personal manager will be giving an access to the database for you in case you want to use donor's eggs.
Hope we could be of help. :)

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so on? What does it mean? Do you have Spanish departament? What if my husband from Spain and I'm form the states? What department should we contact?

Yes, we have Spanish department. You can find all of our departments on our WEB-site listed at the top of the main page.
Again, it depends on your case and on what kind of the program you want to choose. Whether it'd be IVF or surrogacy.
Thank you for your question!

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If my husband is Irish and I'm Italian, which department should we choose?

Hello! Thank you for contacting us!
It depends on what program you want to sign for and on your ability to speak English. If you are thinking about surrogacy then we would advise you contact our English department as our managers have a lot of experience of dealing with Irish couples. And if it is surrogacy then your husband will have to be genetically related to the baby thus we can help you in terms of documents and so on. You can write us a letter on one of the emails and get a full consultation with one of our main managers.
Here are the emails - and
Your BioTexCom team

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What countries do you deal with? mean where can your clients come from

Hello! Thank you for contacting us! :)
We work with clients from all over the world, we have a huge number of departments such as English, French, German and so on.

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