Would u give another chance to those who betrayed u?

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Idk like my one friend Allie, I gave her too many chances and she abused my kindness. I’ve actually forgiven her for horrid things she’s done to me, she made my life miserable and happy at same time from ages 13 -19 like even after that she still fucked with my life and tried to get me expelled from my school lol. For me that was the last straw. I’ve done nothing but be a brother to her and she’s done nothing but spit in my face. I’ll never understand why. So there that is 12 years of friendship gone poof.
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I have...I didn't even get mad, I was hurt but forgave because I love them. Even though they never admitted the first thing and gave zero fucks when they did the second. And didn't feel compelled to apologize for either...


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