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I haven't talked to my best friend in a week. I don't even think we're best friends anymore. I messaged her last week and she still hasn't gotten back to me. If your best friend did that, wouldn't you start questioning your bestieness?

Yep I would

My boyfriend won’t come to me on my birthday because he’s going to play pool with his friends. Am I stupid if I feel hurt?

No u are not

should I tell my friend the truth that her bf is cheating on her with his coworker? I Have proof too.

Yes I would

Just popping in to say good morning, hope you have an awesome day friends! 💙😎

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Good morning to you as well I hope you have a awesome day today 2
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Why do men post pics of half naked women on their stories? 😂

I don’t know and I don’t do that


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