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Does god just listen or does he speak back to the person asking him?

Good question. I’d say he listens and responds. You won’t hear him but I know he responds based on blessings and/or plans.

Would you spend 10,000 days in jail for 100 million dollars?

anonstar6478556’s Profile Photoanonstar6478556
No because i’ll be 49 at that rate it’ll be almost time to retire. Unless you plan to pass that money down to someone else or buy a comfortable living space then that wouldn’t make any sense.

do you dislike gambling or like it

grandmasterqtipp2’s Profile Photonicholas
It’s fun but I don’t spend no more than $50. Some people believe it’s a good way to gain money but they are blindly losing.

I think I may have met someone new who might actually treat me nice

Im finna disable anonymous personal questions if the spam keeps up. Either ask questions or troll someone who has the time and patience.

I want to date someone 20 years younger.

As long as you’re age 38 or older then there shouldn’t be a problem.

How to force yourself to stop having nightmares?

Dinitrate’s Profile PhotoNobody
Whatever you’re doing or watching at night before bed it could have potential impacts. Horror movies, Frightening content or video games. So make sure you clear your mind before bed. I remember discovering a new horror game, I thought it was funny and cool to watch in the dark for scares, then I had nightmares and almost taken into mental health next day.

Why are there so many disgusting people on here :(

ohmygodwut’s Profile PhotodariBee
Its social media. Everyone’s life, experience and personality is different. Some have personalities that some see are inappropriate and some normal, relatable or entertaining. Remember social media is worldwide and not all people are pleasant. Especially if its something you aren’t used to.

Dating in 2024 is IMPOSSIBLE. I mean it’s possible but whatever happened to communication and loyalty?? 🤔

anonnnal71443’s Profile Photoanonnnal
This generation doesn’t have it in them. If they did then they would last as long as our grandparent’s marriages. I have a cousin who’s in his 30’s or 40’s. He’s been with his wife since they were in elementary school, so the stuff you mentioned this generation just doesn’t meet those expectations. If they did there would be less trouble and relationships would be a bit more stable.

Do we even need men anymore

Men and women. Both genders play an important role in society, especially if he/she plans to have kids.

Is 38 too old to have a child?

Better to have a child at older age because at least older people have careers, income and independence. Do it younger it’ll interfere with development, time management, education, independence (especially) if you’re a full-time student.

Are you satisfied with life!?

Nah Virginia sucks. I never get hired for being black. Also told they don’t hire black people and lost my benefits so I would move somewhere else. Racism doesn’t satisfy me at all 😂


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