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Ever kissed a beast

Y'all ugly asses the worse thing ever happened too me and my left my breath was stinking and my teeth yucky never again that's what Corey's likes than that's on her but left my daddy Jessie jamesss he's rich fucking for money broke ass bitch I have a bridge card and money my Adam and tony loved me honey bun Corey food is nasty gonna be itching ams scratching finna have nets and flies all end ur shit finna smell like that nasty ass raggedy ass house

do you like rain?

Yes snacks and paramount plus bets plus Netflix and shit idc for sex unless it's with Adam not woman leave me alone that's not me with the dreads dumbass

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Woke up and still can’t believe the zoo keeper and the animals want me apart of this shxt

Mmmmm calls Corey I don't wont u at all y'all bothering me

There's nothing I want more than to love you

That's lies I don't believe fucking on broke ass Corey y'all don't knows what acting drama is

Say something

What go fuck Corey why y'all bothering aren't y'all dogging me about house parties haters and she's broke fucking on y'all y'all pissing me off making me annoyed knowing my mouth

Why are we saying the same thing over and over and not growing as a person

That's y'all and not me I have grown as a person why are y'all talking too me fucking my mama like y'all give a fuck about me goes with y'all broke ass bitch ass Corey believe what y'all wanna believe everything my fault when she was and the wrong having that man rape me lying saying jealous

If you knew less about a person wouldn’t you do your research? Just like you done to me? 😂😂😂😂😂

Never did reach search on u at all I don't care about u never did if I ever gave a fuck about u lol imma stopped vvvs

Can you forgive someone that you cannot trust?

Y'all be asking some dumbass questions and tone. And Adam knows my mouth imma tells the truth idc

All women are crazy agree to disagree?

aliciabiscool9’s Profile PhotoRudolph B
Best friend sense when Corey was crazy disagree lol ik I'm toxic and crazy I agree too that I'm a Aquarius ♒ that's what us dol lol 🤣 and I'm a different Aquarius ill always apologize when I'm wrong

Do people affect you to the point where you start doubting yourself?

No I always ms Independent doubt myself I goes out the way for me and my family if my mom let me take care of her

Males only why would you sit and watch a woman struggle and be ok with that?

I struggle my whole life with my kids did my thang yeah I'll be okay with Keke I don't mind helping out you getting there collect bottles that what I did when I was with tone

What do you think would happen if you got a chance to cuddle with your crush? Would you simply pass away like me?

Lol Sherman you are my crush only crush 🥰 lol yes sir son

¿Cuál es tu color favorito? Eso depende de lo que estemos discutiendo. Para un automóvil, mi color favorito es el rojo manzana dulce. Si hablamos de guitarra, mi color favorito es el rubio. Si el bosque es verde. Y SÍ el cielo, azul. ❤️

My favorite color green. I just like pink purple 💜

When was the last time you been on a date

Few years Sherman I will love that and it's be few too long sense I haven't

Can you cook

Yes I can. I went to school for it my ex baby daddy must in told u or Carlo daddy that's my daughter he witt we related Dorian


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