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Who’s in Florida

not this Dragon, nott at this tim and it doesn't look like I'll be able to go with my brother w wen he goes. But it will be ubseenly hot in early june so...e

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Piece of s*** website I'm going to post a negative review every single day on Play store on your websites and every single one of my websites until you b****** answer me

that's Toxic. Why don't you find someone else topost posative things for

So guess what I just got back?! Remember all those pictures I took of you and jaw's conversation? Well.... I just got them all back! Plus a few other new things! Learning new things can be very rewarding! Oh if only she knew... If only i knew! I wish I had known sooner how little you cared abt me 😠

Why would You take pictures of our conversations? and wouldn't we have to be on sepratte convos, like same chat but in 2 different places? Also HWhat makes you think I don't care, I've been stretching my brain since the last time we talked or random messages that could or might not have been you saying "you should have treated me better, get help you are a narcisis and also bipolar.If you do have a background in diagnosing, thank you, if not I hope stuff like this doesn't get you in to trouble bc that is verry frowned upon

Imagine going to an job interview and the person with the highest "bop it" score gets the job. Do you think you're getting the job?

I've gotten in the 60's once, so maybe depends on the day and the other ppl I'm up against

Would you be turned off by someone or see them as less intelligent if they can’t spell out words such as psychology or the word absurd?

I struggle with spelling,

Is it worth it to go to trade school

yes, if it's what you really want to do. Could save you money and time so you can focus on said spisific vocation


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