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Have you gone for a swim in the swimming pool or lake in the past few days?

no, our pool isn't open and it wasn't warm enough to even sit in My nise's baby pool and I love the water so that says something

What do drink do you enjoy most: coffee, alcohol, energy drinks, water, juice?

juice or ice-tea

What's on your mind?

the voice is ending already? did they time it with AI that finished last night?

Sunday drives to sonic or DQ for ice cream?

bobbystar95270’s Profile PhotoHickey
each is 20-30 minuts away I love the icecream at sonic but I find it more of a food place and get icecream or milkshake with your meal Dairy Queen I go to less often but it's just for icecream although the commercials say they have food

I just quit my part time job but I still have my full time job. Why do I feel sad after leaving?

Change is hard, You could just be over thinking

In your own words... What do you think this world needs more of?

FreshICYGirl’s Profile PhotoUnikorn
not my own words, but what the world needs now is love comes to mind

Do you need God to save you right now?

after that last question I just reporteed aand deleted, YES! especially now

When was the last time you had a shower?

I had a bath last night, I think an actual shower the morning before

No more anonymous do you want to talk to me You do it without hiding behind a button

but isn't that what you're doing right now?
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I can tell she liked me from the way she staaaaared

and from the way she said "you missed a spot over there-air-air
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