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Would u keep talkng to someone on the phone even if u had tears drip everywhere?

If I wasn’t sobbing, probably…

If you were a work of art, (drawing, painting, song, sculpture, meme, etc), what would you be, and why?

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I’d be a piece of epic cinematic music. nothing beats standing in the middle of a a full orchestra (like Unbreakable by two steps from hell). It floods your senses- you feel it to your core, it flows through you like energy, elicits emotion, you can see colors and envision standing amidst them in awe of the skill and passion of the musicians💜 the rest are beautiful in their own right, but music is an experience
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Do you exercise inside or outside

I wish I could exercise outside every day but the pollen and humid kills me🤬

Do you like sleeping alone or with someone?

I like falling asleep with someone, but it would be cool if they disappeared bc I like to spread out

Should I sign divorce papers even if it's not what I want

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It might not be what you want, but it sounds like you’ve got all the proof in the world that it’s what you need.
You want someone that WANTS to be with you. That person isn’t it.

Do you think if someone is over 200 lbs that they don’t care about themselves and let themselves go?

Once upon a time I might have said that was the case, but I know better now!!

After being done in a relationship do you delete everything that had to do with your significant other? @

No. It’s still a part of your story. You’ll wish you kept something

Is love a feeling or an emotion?

This is a very good question.
I’m having a small existential crisis trying to decide on an answer!!
Well done 😁

What's a bad nightmare you had?

Being tired too a chair and having my teeth drilled and broken out of my mouth. I’ve hated the dentist ever since….😫

As time passes, you will figure out that you need someone who understands you, not someone who loves you .. ❤✨



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