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Anyone else like the tv show manifest?? It got cancelled but Netflix picked it up and there’s 1 more season coming!

I do

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Do you think everyone should act "mature" 100% of the time? Or do you believe that it's okay to be "immature" some of the time? Or do you believe it's situational?

Mature. Definitely

(sent on 9/25/21) have you ever been to a haunted house? if you have, tell a scary or humorous story of your time spent there.

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh; ✨️
I ran away like roadrunner from the wile e Coyote cartoon

Why are people so against others of being gay?

Because they are afraid of anything that is different. I on the other hand am not against it

I need 3 people to help me settle an argument. So this dude is trying to say the underwear he wears are briefs. They are not they are thongs. So I need 3 of y’all to make a video and tell me if he’s wearing briefs or thongs! I have a picture to show y’all. It’s what he sent me.

Theresa VanDyke
Thongs are more revealing while briefs go past the hips

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