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Y’all hop off Loren’s dick, like she said it’s none of anyones business but hers. She’s happy & that’s what matters most. don’t let anyone else ruin your happinessKeep doing u OKAY BUT YALL ARE THE CUTEST. it doesn’t matter about her past relationships, it’s done. leave her alone.

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love you so much thank u angel 🥺🤍

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Doesn’t matter how long they’ve lasted. Anytime you break up with someone you’re back in a relationship literally asap after lol

not that it’s anyone’s business but like i said me and my ex broke up start of feb. it’s mid june now. i met someone in the meantime and i fell in love. that’s how life works. get over it and let me be happy


i promise i don’t mean to sound rude but please stop telling me to get back with people from my past or telling me to find a boyfriend. i want to be on my own right now. recently just got out of a 2 years long relationship and i genuinely don’t want to love anyone right now. i’m doing me, spending time with my friends and family and working on my music 🤍


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