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Have you ever came across someone who would be mean to you or others for the sake of impressing those around them but then were nice again in private?

No they would just be flat-out mean

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Tomorrow is Memorial Day and I work in a call center and I swear to G*d that if anyone calls….. I will literally quit cause who th would call on a holiday?

There's always somebody

What does it mean if your partner is in the bathroom too long?

I feel like that's a question that would be better answered by your partner

12 years in the relationship they look at you and admit they don't and never loved you. What are your options?

Leave em

Why are ppl mean asf all the time smh😔

I don't really think people are mean all the time, but probably due to the current state of the world and how times seem to be getting harder for everyone

Who else wakes up in the morning and reads facebook like the morning paper?

Meanwhile I'm out here actually reading the literal paper, probably the only gen z to do so

Would you smash a cool whip pie in your own face for $100?

THAT'S DISGUSTING! I'd do it for nothing😆

is the earth flat? moon fake

No. In fact, many flat-earthers have actually proved the Earth is round through experiments originally intended to prove the Earth is flat. If anything, the Earth is hollow.

How do you cheer up a friend who’s down?

Do something together that will take their mind off what's making them down

😺 How do I find someone to subscribe to here? Looking for fun people

Not sure, I'm not Subscribed to anyone

How old are boys when they start their periods is it different than girls I was 10 when I started mine and it was on Friday the 13th of all days scary huh?

Boys do not have periods

I don’t want to marry you

It's OK. I wouldn't want to marry me either with how I look. But I'm working on changing it at the moment

I think there is something really wrong with me because every time I mean every time I swallow and ice cube it never comes out when I poop why why do you think that is?

Probably because when ice melts, it turns into water. Therefore, when you swallow an ice cube and it eventually melts into water, you don't pass it through shitting, but rather pissing

What color are your nails painted right now 💅 mine are pink

I don't paint my nails, or even grow them out for that matter

is 30 too old to go to college?

I've had people in my college classes that I would guess are at least 60 or 70 years old so I would say no, 30 is not too old

Have you always stayed true to yourself or were there times when you’d try to fit in and/or put on an act to impress others?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
A little bit of both

What sort of things make you jealous?

If I'm hanging with a friend and they invite another person


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