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Can you have a conversation with a stranger?

Yeah that's how you meet your friends. Lol how else do you meet them.

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which one of your friends has birthday soon? how are you going o congratulate them?

Well pandemic so birthday wishes by internet

Tell me how to be happy ? Give me your opinion ✨💛

Depends on what you enjoy the most. I can't give you that answer.

What should you do if you like a person in you try everything to get they attention you text them but they only see your text but don’t text back ?

Just move on if they can't see the worth and wanting to have you in your life. Then it's better for you to find someone who can give you what you want

How do you all feel about the LGBTQ community ?

I really don't care tbh we shouldn't judge what other people lifestyle are or what they do or decide
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What's your opinion about friends with benefits 😅

Tbh it's a relationship without saying you are commenting. You fuck, talk, see each other, etc. The issue is you don't have sex with others women when you are in a fwb when you should imo

What are some of the most unusual or interesting things you do to amuse yourself when you're bored?

I wouldn't know

What's your favorite way to cook vegetables? For instance, steamed, or roasted, or stewed, or raw, etc



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