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Are you able to sleep more now?

Yeah, I am most of the time but i’m still exhausted 24/7 lol

What are you trying to do for your self treatment?

Well all i have on me rn is probiotics, garlic oil, liver detox herb capsules and digestive enzyme blend capsules and a few other supplements but i need to get a whole new regimen of herbs and supplements which i seriously don’t have the money for rn but oh well
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Are you feeling healthier now?

unfortunately not, i’ve gotten sicker but i’m trying to come up with a plan yet again to try and get rid of some of the bad inside my body

Do you judge people based on their past or who they are in the present?

both. because 99% of the time people don’t ACTUALLY Change, they just pretend to.
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Seriously how's your mental health doing?

i’ve reached the point where my life long optimism has completely run out and i am burnt out 100% in every aspect of my life :)

What would you say if your most recent ex tried to get back together?

That would never happen ; Fron either side


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