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What'd be a typical outfit for you during this time of year? 👗☀️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
A crop top and high waisted shorts - If any of my shorts still fit me. :))
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If you buy someone's art (or content) does it matter to you what they do with the money if you don't agree about what they spend it on?

You pay them for what they make / provide, you don’t really get a say in what they do with said $

Is it weird for an adult to call their mother mommy?

I cut my birth giver out my life so wrong person to ask this

Hey do you use Web or App Tumblr? Is there anything special you can do on the app that's not on the Web version?

App, i’m almost never on my laptop and tbh no idea abt the difference

Ladies, why don’t u like your partner down there and you’re unshaven?

i love giving head so i’m not included here


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