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Would you rather go to a music festival, have fun and sleep in a tent, or stay home, watch TV series and have some tasty snacks?

At my age to stay home and watch it, when I was younger I went to enough concert.

What game do you dominate when playing?

You’re not specific
Life - living
Board game - Monopoly
Game System- Tron
Outdoors - ping pong
Sex - Master

Have you ever had issues with a friends' partner (example: friends' partner is jealous of you talking to your friend)? If so, how did you handle it? — If ⋆NOT⋆, how do you think you might go about handling it?

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Told my boyfriend to stop feeling jealousy, it was a waste of emotion.

What's your favorite jewelry?

I had a gold ring with my father’s initials, but my house was broken in and it is gone. It was a ring his father and mother gave him as a teenager. It meant a lot to me.
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How are you doing today? 🎉Today is officially my birthday. I am so excited. I have going to come home and bake a birthday cake with my husband. So far the past week has went by really good. Better than I thought.🎉 You guys have made my holiday and my birthday wonderful. Thank you for that. ❤🙏🤘

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Happy Birthday

If you were asked to forget everything you know about anonymous and drink and use drugs to disrupt them, would you for the next 28 years? Especially if you knew how to moderate your usage? It is a bit Aldus Huxley of a question.

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No , I need my memories


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