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do u treat ur time with respect, or like garbage?

grandmasterqtipp2’s Profile Photonicholas
I treat people like I would wish to be, even if they are jerks, I might politely tell them they are jerks

Hornets hurt more than bees?

iamthemater5915’s Profile Photoiamthemaster
Yes, bees if you get ice and the stinger out, it's pretty good after like 10/15 minutes. I went an hour in pain after the hornet sting

Are all men manipulative and controlling?

No, that might be just the ones seemingly to be finding you. Sometimes you have to stop looking externally and focus on yourself, and let things come find you.

Do yo like eggs on your burger?

Never tried it, but then again, I can't really eat beef/red meat much so I guess I'll never know.

Do you think about your future much?

I used to all the time before I realized things truly need to be taken one day at a time, as the things you plan for tomorrow are not guaranteed .


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