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This dude added me and on Snapchat, I said how much I hated it and cussed it out, and shot my head with my finger in a snap. He said Intense. I said now it awkward, then I was blocked. 😐 Exactly my point.

I hate snapcheat

If you ever want to see me again, you will have to give me a special invitation. I won’t just show up.

Oh snap

Is it better to have a lot in common with someone or be compatible with them I need your opinion

One leads to the other

I have to supervise my gay senior dad when he goes clubbing cos he keeps trying to grab 20 something yr old men’s butts and packages. He even makes sexual comments to them and pisses ppl off. Also, he gets drunk af and I think he’s on cocaine.

He’s just livin the dream

Why do people so often not give the things they want in return, like love, honesty, money, stability, etc...


What if the plan has faults that could happen in many facets? Should it still be carried through?

Probably not


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