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I just turned 60 and only finished HS. Can I still get a college degree even if I’m already old? Perhaps just an associate degree? Thoughts 💭…

If you need to ask ... maybe you should just get a job at Rubis

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Why do men who are in happy relationships flirt with other women?

Because a lot of it is fake ...and they are acting like they are happy

Interesting person you chose to compare yourself to.....

Yea me and Jesus used to get drunk during lunch break at our factory job ...but I guess he quit ..and just ghosted the boss ..

I can see how it would be hard to tell someone that you need them or anything from them. Still, all in all, does it show more strength to not say anything? What if the one you need the most is the same person who loves you most?

Some people are afraid of their own shadow

Give me your number baby

I generally don't do that kind of thing...but I've got a really really good feeling about you ..so ..my number is usually 7
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U know that a lot of these accounts are the same person?

There's like only 3 or 4 people here ...they just all have like 70 accounts each ...I swear ..I saw them doing it once in a dream

Do you like seafood? What is your favorite?

Not a big seafood person...but I'll eat the shit out some clam ...🤣🤣

Do you find it disrespectful when your girl has male friends that message her all the time with hopes of getting laid and knowing that she still chats with them?

Probably ., I'd fucking dump the bitch..if I didn't trust her

I get blocked by females very much on ASK FM. Some body should study the concept of females blocking males over and over and over on ASK FM. Getting blocked so much causes males to dislike females.

Hey fucktard...maybe it's you...I don't have that problem ..


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