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Have you ever induced vomiting?

No I have never done so, and quite frankly I hate the feeling of having to vomit/vomiting. I feel disgusted due to the aftermath of it.

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What do you think makes a person shallow?

They way that they look at people. They base people on their looks and money rather than on personality.

Have you ever had someone seemingly give up on you when you haven’t even been somewhat acquainted with or close to them?

I can't say that I have.

If ur friend wants to know about your whereabouts and you dont want to tell them, do you owe them an explanation

Well it is only fair for not telling them when they were worried about you.

Do you think that in a relationship where you truly love someone, you’d choose to keep your relationship details private? Or can you still genuinely love someone and keep almost every aspect of your relationship details public?

I'm typically a private person. Why would everyone need to know what we do?

What about the times where I said that I missed you? Or when I was asking questions trying to get to know you more? You probably didn’t even know that it was me, but it was.

Um okay? O.o


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