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Need to ask you! 🌚 In friendship you give or receive more?

I've always given and received little to nothing back but then I'm not friends with them anymore for that reason

Have you ever prematurely judged someone or wrote them off and later found them to be actually a good person after all?

No but it happens to me alot

I can’t wait to meet one day my soulmate! I’m done if immature boys with no ambitions and who are fuckboys!!

We are out there don't worry

How to forgive someone who broke your trust?

Not really, trust is everything in a friendship or relationship break that and you've broken both those things

She is deeply sentimental and often moved to tears by sad movies and even sappy dog food commercials

She sounds like a normal human

Is this statement true and how do you relate : love makes the shy brave and the brave shy

I think this statement is both true and false depending on the person. I'm quite shy and honestly never really got all that brave though I WISH I was.

Why is it important for us to love our enemies?

The truth is that enemies bring only toxic emotions and generate bad reactions from you. If you’re truly to live a prosperous life, you can’t really be carrying all this baggage around. Hate is bad and you should try all you can to get rid of it. It is a well-known fact that nobody can get really far in life while carrying a lot of emotional baggage. Well, hate is the biggest form ofemotional baggage there is.

Ever broken any bones if so how'd it happen?

I remember my martial arts teacher broke my ribs in a sparing match because I scored a point on him and he was pride was hurt because he was basically undefeated. Good times lol


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