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Who else saw Justin Bieber instagram post on his engagement and closed it immediately? 😭😭😭

All gays in the world

My father keeps on screaming at me, and I don’t know what to do. I get so frustrated sometimes.

Leave the house start earning your own.

Can you willfully not think about something? Or does trying not to think about it remind you of it?

It’s a sign of intelligence

If you could take some special skill from any animal, which animal and which skill would you choose?


Have you received questions from unknown people, that other people have answered before?

Tired of this unconcerned shit. Just like your 💩

Any suggestions what sort of gift(s) I can get for my mum & a food place where I can bring her to for her birthday?

Take her to a calm beach 🏖 and order a grilled salmon otw. Sit with her hold her hand and say Mom I am nothing without you. Whatever you had done for me I won’t be able to return it to you in my entire life. But i will say I love you!


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