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I just feel like others are more lucky then I’m

never feel this way cuz you are lucky too, you have me and I bet you have amazing friends. whoever got the chance to meet you, they are lucky. maybe you got truly broken but trust issues will always exist in everything, I even have trust issues. you are strong enough to handle this and I will be the one helping you to stand up. you are beautiful and so sweet, you are my angel. don't feel disappointed, feel proud of yourself cuz toxic people should stay away 🤍🙏🏼


this is for the guy that owns me in a sibling way cuz he's like my brother anyways 🤍
nathy thank you for existing, I don't regret a moment when I texted you. turns out you are a sweet angel with a diamond heart and it makes me sad when you talk about negative thoughts cuz I am here and I wouldn't ever let you alone. I know some people know you longer and they are closer but idc. what makes me happy is what we have, how I feel and how you feel. i know you have a few struggles but your princess would still do anything for you ✊🏼
make sure to always smile, you are not alone. my #1 priority is you and your health 🌼
I love you beb 🤍 @floreokm
this is for the guy that owns me in a sibling way cuz hes like my brother

What type of people are you?

i'm a girl who won't expose anyone's secret, I won't do anything in public just to show I'm a bad bish when i can do that privately. if I don't match with someone in a friendship/relationship I will just walk away and sadly I don't say anything, I just ghost myself lol but at least I know what i'm doing and i'm very loyal, sweet and real 😌 always there for everyone 🤍


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