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Just want to say I love what you guys did with Ushio and Tora the dub is fantastic but I just wanted to know why did you guys give Hakumen a Male voices ? shes supposed to be a female ?

Spoke to the director about this. Since Hakumen is the embodiment of hatred and fear in general, the character technically don't have a gender.

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Can we get the option on the eventual Princess Principal Blu-Ray Release to watch the show in both Presentation order or case order?

Doug Buirley
Not sure if this is possible since it's outside the order in which the episodes were released, but thank you for the suggestion. It will be brought up.

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Who's your favorite character from Wakaba Girl?

Fig Natoli-Guevara

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Not really a question, but every time I see a new english dub clip on your YouTube channel that isn't Tanaka-kun, I die little bit on the inside.

Robby Moreau
It'll take some time :) Tanaka-kun comes out in January, so be looking for that dub clip about late December-ish. It'll be like a Christmas present, maybe?

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Is there any particular reason Food Wars (possibly other shows) doesn't seem to have any of the on-screen Japanese text translated (at least when watching the dub)? It kinda bugs me. Maybe it's different on the blu rays but that's at least how it is on HiDive.

Try it now. You should see the on-screen Japanese text on HIDIVE now. If you don't, please report the issue to HIDIVE.

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Request dub for UQ Holder on Toonami please!

Ooh! Please let Toonami know of this request too!

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I just want to say that I wouldn't mind seeing a My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU dub.

thankies for the feedback!

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Putting in request for To-Love Ru, and Oregairu Snafu dubs. If either got a dub blu-ray I would buy it in a heartbeat.

tanks for the requests!

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Hey Senpai... Sentai, will you dub season 2 of Food Wars ? Thanks for the dub btw. <3

Not important

Any future plans on trying to make a Monster Musume season 2? I love how you guys brought it to life.

Nathan Kozak
We don't make Season 2's of anime, and we usually find out when the public does if there will be a subsequent season of a particular title. Would we pounce on MonMusu Season 2 like crazy people? Yes. Absolutely. Let's pray to the monster waifus that it comes true.

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Did the Sentai family saw the Solar Eclipse? What are your thoughts?

Jefferies Herrera
We Muv-Luved it. It totally eclipsed our expectations. We blackouted it was so... out of puns. Sorry. But twas awesome.

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Hey Sentai, what's the chance of Princess Principal, Zettai Karen Children series/The Qwaser of Stigmatas series of getting an English dub release? Cause that's what I would like to request for these shows to be dub, ya know! ;)

Navarro Jose Orozco
Thanks for the requests. Making it public here so other people can chime in too.

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So now that the show's out, I have to know. Was Monster Musume a monster hit for you guys? ;)

You bet, Darling. Especially with that salacious box set ;)

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Princess Principal seems fantastic. Please consider a dub. Would love to eventually see it on Toonami maybe.

PLEASE TELL TOONAMI THAT!!!! How cool would Steampunk Spy Girls be on Toonami?! AHHHH!

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Can you tell us what your all time best seller is? I'm curious about it.

Is a secret, unfortunately.

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What's your most requested dub at the moment?

Still Haikyu!! Spread the word that it's coming already,

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When is Haikyu coming? How about season 2?


Just putting in the requests for dubs of any and all of your fantastic summer line-up, but most importantly Action Heroin Cheer Fruits and Princess Principle!

Noticed and shared.

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Sentai, you got two of the best shows for Summer: Made in Abyss and Princess Principal. Dub them. Please. For me. And for the sake of anime.

Aaron Blake
This request has been noticed. Will share to see how many others agree.

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What if monster girls like the ones in the anime suddenly show up at the office?

Ivan Ampuero
Probably a lot of selfies.

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How would you feel about giving an anime a theatrical screening in 3D?

Fig Natoli-Guevara
It would be interesting, but half of the time, you need 3D materials.

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Since summer is starting, are there any anime you recommend that fit summer from your older anime titles? As for recent anime, I'm watching Love and Lies and I loved the first episode so far and I think Made in Abyss looks interesting and it could be very deep.

Did you have a chance to check out Action Heroine Cheer Fruits on HIDIVE? It's moe slice of life about girls trying to save their own. It's sooo cute

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Sentai Re Zero is a popular anime but why didn't you dub it I req you do and license Hajimete no Gal

Tawsif B. Hasnat
Hey there. Neither of those two are our shows, but thanks for the suggestion!

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I believe you mentioned you had the license to the "Alice War" Girls und Panzer OVA, but that it was not released on the Blu-Ray for Der Film, can we expect a standalone release similar to Drifters of The Dead from H.O.T.D.?

Bradey Schumacher
We have not announced that as one of our licenses, but we can certainly look into it. Can never have too much panzer girls.

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Considering that "Haven't You Heard, I'm Sakamoto" was one of lesser requested shows to get an English dub, I'm shedding tears of joy!!! THANK YOU

Luis Murillo
What chu mean? Lots of people were crying out for Sakamoto :) He's an awesome dude.

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