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Do you like spending time alone?

Yes, I do like. I feel like I'm free, i can do everything I want. No one would look at me when I make mistake. I can move freely and wouldn't be feel pressure when I do something.

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is it fine to you if your partner has bisyo?

Yeah but he should be responsible. He can drink but not too much, can smoke but not always, like 3-5 sticks a day. I'm doing this for his good health because I'm concerned and also smoking is not really good for every one.

May nagugustuhan ka na ba dito? tipong lagi mo ng nakakausap? Pano kung isa lang yung taong lumalandi sayo at yung lumalandi sa iba. Hindi ba sumagi sa isip mo yon?

I'm new here so wala pa

Magconfess na ba ako?

Depends on the situation, but I rather choose to confess than having regrets in the future and would live with so many what if

How to remove our feelings for someone?

Start with realization second distant your self third pyt your self first

ayaw kong mag-asawa pwede bang mag-ampon na lang 😂

Of course kung hindi sa bahay ampunan, but you have to make sure you can fulfill their wants and needs

Masaya ba pag may jowa?

At first yes, but later you'll find it out that it isn't full of happiness. Tho, naka depende rin yan sa partner and personalities.


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