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What's your opinion about one night stand?! Would you ever consider it?

First of all no, I'd only consider it of he were attractive. Don't ask me for my definition of attractive, it's very hard to explain. They can't look cute, but also very mature.. I don't know. I'm very picky.

Can you eat a whole entire pizza by yourself

If it is dairy free I can eat it all, as long as I have sprite to drink

As a female how do you feel if a man doesn't want to sleep in the same bed as you or have sex because you drive him away?

I'm very much single and I don't know how to answer this..

You remind me of Elon musk

How? Only think I can think of is I'm too poor to be compared to him. Do give me details on how I remind you of him

What's 1000 minus 7?

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993 (nine hundred and ninety-three). Yes I watched Tokyo Ghoul. Poor Kaneki going through trauma for character development.

I just want you to know how appreciative I am of the interactions we had, I came to check if anything, but I cant even find the chat anymore 😔 I erased the convo because it compromised my safety, but honestly waiting for you to respond... I'm sorry if I'm too much, thank you so much💖

Oof, who broke your heart? I hope it got sorted out.

💕 Would you marry someone of a different ethnicity?

I have no choice. Alaska has too many relatives. Literally anyone I meet can be family in one Shape, way, or form.


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