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What is something a lot of people don't know about you?

I haven't told many people that in my spare time I write novels, poetry and screenplays.

Why do you think men cheat?

I'd say cheating is not all the same. I'd say the first category of cheaters is men/women who are obsessed with their physical appearance. These cheaters having a hard time getting older because their entire self-esteem is built on their looks that they can only appreciate approval for their beauty. I think these men/women cheat because they wanna make sure they are still adored and cheating means to stop aging.
The second category of cheaters is men/women who suffer from a notion that they wouldn't be man/woman enough. People feel inferior because they think they lack something and they have to prove themselves that they are still attractive men/women.
The third category of cheaters is men/women who live mundane lives. Everything is the same for them, these people have the feeling they can't escape the monotony of life. This makes them panic-stricken, especially when they think they are missing out on something. These men/women are seeking adventures rather than approval.
The fourth type of cheating men/women are people who are passive cheaters. They don't seek adventures, but when the opportunity comes they won't decline. These people never really know what they want in life. These people are mostly those men/women who try to appease everyone. Their life choices are not theirs rather what others want from them. They are too complacent and cheating is rather a means to find themselves since these people have always lived for others so that they don't know anything about themselves.
The fifth category of cheaters is men/women who are curious about and are craving what's forbidden. These are people who try to escape their responsibility for a while, to let go, and just being led. These are people who mostly think that they are stuck in their role they have to be for others, these are mostly roles which demand from them sacrifice and being the authority who has to take care of everything. Cheating becomes a means to defy expectations and frees.

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Which is the most annoying question for you??

👁 You wrote all these things?

🧔 Yes, I did!

👁 You must've gotten help from someone. I can't imagine you did it all by yourself!

If reincarnation exists, what kind of creature would you like to be in your next life?

I'd like to be a lovesick bear, who roams the forests of Siberia.

Is there anything matters to you more than friendship??

Yes. I think that there is a difference between love and friendship. The person you love should matter more to you, because with friends you share common interests, you share the passion for something. Or you are friends with your friends because you have the same social background, come from the same place, culture or country. With friends you share yourself, your hopes, your likings, your values and your belief. But love, true love is different and difficult to grasp, that's why it is so rare. But love is not about sharedinterest, love is about you. You show yourself, the person who you are with all your flaws, your good and bad and this person holds shows you yourself. Love is beyond just interest, it is care for someone else than you. Love teaches you to think about someone other than you and don't just follow your interests. Love as well teaches you to evolve, teach you to search interest not in a thing, but in another human being. Love teaches you stamina, you don't love until you jerked off, love is a daily effort you have to keep.
To sum it up: To make someone love you beyond just shared interests, but love you for who you are and love as an important part in someone's life, is you elevating yourself to a new human conscience. Since if you are loved and if you know that someone loves you this will change your thinking, your view of this world. That is why love is more important than friendship, because with friends you grow up, but for love you have to fight daily.

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Do you consider yourself a good person? 🤔

Yes, I do! Despite my flaws and where I come from and what I experienced in life, I think I have developed to a person, who has his heart on the right place. I'm not a saint and I never strived to be one, but I am human, with a human conscience.
I laugh and I weep, I have luck or live through misfortunes, but I didn't lose myself. I always knew to do the right thing and I tried to do good to the best of my knowledge and with good intentions for a higher good.

Is college for everyone?

I think you should always strive for knowledge and higher education, but I don't think that current colleges and universities are the places that can help you to grow your mental capacity. Mostly it's the opposite. I went to university and what I experienced was just hideous. Truth be told it was only one university, but the way these actions were condoned makes one weary.
What was most striking was partisanship. Every stupid thing is being dissected and put into a political framework. What you learn in university is rather how your individuality, your unique life experiences are being sacrificed to a simplistic and stupid ideology, which ideology has to be easy to understand, or else complete morons can't follow. Most of the time you deal with people who are intellectually not at the same level as you, but yet these people's pathetic and narrow world view is considered reality as it is. And you look at these people and ask yourself, when did these people give up looking beyond their pathetic lives.
I think the average person is too intelligent for the university since partisanship has led to the fact that people in universities don't want you to think differently than them, rather you should think in terms of complacency with the party line. Therefore university in the current form is a waste of time, you get in smart, but come out as a complete moron. I think everyone would profit way more with a library card. That's the most important thing one should do in university, to read, because then you can dispense with the acne-faced, late-in-puberty, useless-fuck-up, who thinks he would know something about life, since he, according to him, is unadulterated by the temptation of the system. These useless people have only one place where they belong and that's the university.

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If you could play any professional sport and be good at it what sport would you play?

I like car racing. I'd like to be a Formula I driver or a Rally driver.

How has your life been different than what you’d imagined?

I actually always thought that I would marry young, would have children and work as an accountant. But things turned out way different than I had expected.


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